Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our sister Sue has always been generous.

One way you can see her generous heart is by the friends she has.

Lots of us let go of our grade school and high school and college friends.
Lots of us stop making friends when we are grown up.

But Suzy. She kept her friends. Always.
She went out of her way, she kept in touch, she traveled and went the extra mile for her friends.

She continues to make friends....
friends from work
friends from bunco
friends from church
friends from her children's circles

And now when she is struggling,
her friends are coming to her side.

They are giving back to her all the love that she has given away.

Sue's husband keeps a calendar to keep the visits straight.
It's been a parade of friendship and love.

So when we (her sibs) can't be there to kiss and love her
we know that Suzy has an army of friends who will love her and kiss her in our stead.

I don't really like to use the word deserve....

but Suzy Q deserves every bit of friendship she has been shown;
She is a true friend.

“Alone bad. Friend good.”
~Bride of Frankenstein

“I found out what the secret to life is - friends. Best friends.”
~Fried Green Tomatoes


Sue and her buddy Karen.
Friends since 6th grade.

(the above picture is from my college graduation. Karen was my friend, too, so she came along
to the graduation. But Susie and Karen: they are besties.)

Encourage one another,

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