Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mom and Janet-2

Today our mom would have been 76 years old.

"She had every gift but length of years."

I love how her arm reaches completely around Janet in this picture.
And I love her watch.
She always wore a watch like that.

Love you Esther Jean.
Mean it.


I have been digging thru old pictures. Pictures that Patrick is finding in the nooks and crannies of old computers and crashed hard drives.

I love that he can find them for me.
He doesn't really care about pictures,
but he cares about me and comes to my technical rescue weekly.


I know. I know. You've seen this one before.

But look at that precious mommy and baby.
It's me.

That sparkly couch and those fabulous curtains tell the year. My mom's
thin arms defy reason.

How I love her short bangs, red hair and pony tail.
And our hands.

Our holding hands.

Oh my.



For those of you who have wondered how Katie has changed since I have had this blog...

Here she is.

Doing her very favorite thing in all the world.
Holding a kitty.

Emma will tell you she took this picture.
(Olympus point and shoot 2005)

But I want it claim it.

It is way too cute.

We are at Jean's farm. Those of you from TWTM will remember Jean.



Sister Sue, Katie and Jeff. Sue's youngest son.

Guess where we are?
Mugs Up.

This must be 2007 because Emma brought that shirt home
from England.

So beautiful. I'm glad I found this.



Part four to the VF questionnaire :

When and where were you happiest?

Encourage one another and don't forget your camera!

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