Friday, September 24, 2010

Already this morning.
A photo of Katie...
Her backpack weighs her down.

Matthew was that your jacket? or was it Emma's?

As I say...if you buy quality things...they last.


New rules at school this year. Jeans only on Friday.
It seems to be working out okay.


Also this morning.

My new drink.

At the beginning of the month I gave up a lot of things. Diet Dr. Pepper was the biggie.

I could not live feeling so totally energy-less so I have started drinking Iced Chai.

It fits in with what I am doing for my health and it has become the dining highlight of my day.


Also this morning, I have decided that I will share my new blog with you all.
I am conducting a personal experiment.
It will last a year.

I was going to keep it to myself and then make it a book.
I don't think a book is in my future. I'm just not that interesting.

But you might like to see what I am working on and maybe it will encourage you.

The Year of Living Healthfully

Happy Windsday :o)

aka a windy Friday.

Encourage one another,

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