Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I see these wonderful grasses on the way to and from school. They glow and I mention them to Katie almost every day!

On Monday I stopped to take pictures.



Does anyone know what they are called?


Katie made me a very big card.


It made me smile.


Here is my birthday present from Patrick.

I want to make no-knead bread and I needed a pot.

Ree entices me with her Le Creuset give aways so we went to Williams Sonoma with that in mind.

But as we looked at the shelf of enamel pots this one, which is not Le Creuset, beckoned.

The rooster on top and the color

Isn't it pretty?

I'll let you know how the bread turns soon as I make it!

I also thought I would make Julia's famous Beef Bourguignon, but I looked at the recipe and it is very complicated.
I will be looking for a simpler version.

Let me know if you have one.

Encourage one another,


Oh dear. I forgot about DWTS again!!!

Such drama over Bruno's unkind remarks last night. Michael Bolton's dance was worst I am afraid and he went home because of it. At the very beginning of the season they certainly don't need to be that rough on the dancers.

Seriously. There is no money at stake. Not even for charity.
This is suppose to be a fun show.

I have a feeling Bruno just got over excited, (what a shocker) and probably wishes he could take it back.

The Situation's dance was a close second to the bottom. I don't mind him at all but he doesn't have much talent.

Florence surprised me this week. After last week I really thought she was very bad....but she really looked nice this week.

Bristol's feet were lovely, but her countenance was dull.

Kyle was fun but I agree with the judges. He was sloppy.

I am following Kurt Warner on Twitter and finding that interesting and fun. (I'm doing it for Janet.)

Jennifer Grey was marvelous. How old is she? Okay. I just looked it up.
She is 50 this year! She is my hero.

Any opinions?

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