Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It is Wisconsin after all.


Volleyball season has started!!!


I can't wait! Volleyball is so much fun! We played growing up. The game has changed quite a bit sine the 70's.
Our gym teachers lined us up in three rows of three. Now it's only six on a side. I wonder if that was because more kids could play at a time that way.

We had so much fun in gym class in the 70's. Illinois had a rule that you had to have gym class five days a week. All four years of high school. The things we learned!!! We played basketball, volleyball, soccer, and field hockey. We took gymnastics, square dance, tap dance, and jazz dance. We played softball and we ran track and we lifted weights. I can even remember learning historical 'line' dances.

We wore red stretchy shorts and sleeveless red and white striped v-neck shirts.
And we had to take showers.
That part, I hated.

A lot.

I wonder why I remember the shower room from junior high much more vividly than the one in high school?
Perhaps the initial shock of it scared my psyche.

I wasn't too shy to wear a bikini....but the showering at school was too much for me.

How's that for a rabbit's trail?

Anyway. Volleyball season is here and I am excited to be able to sit in the stands and cheer on the friars.

Wait till you see the painting on the gym wall! It is the funniest painting I have ever seen in a school gym.
I'll get that on Friday when I pick Katie up for practice.

Guess what it is?

A hint: The teams nickname is the Friars.

Encourage one another,

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