Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hi Friends!!!

Yes, being with a newborn is hectic and so is a 30 hour long labor.

But let me assure that Asher Max arrived wonderfully on Tuesday with a very round head and big eyes.
He has long fingers and big feet. He has a tiny, perfect little nose and brownish hair.

He is nursing well...on one side. This is making Melinda fret a little but hopefully the lactation lady will help her with that today.

I am free to blog cause Melinda does not think she will be able to post for a while. Do you remember how hard it was to fit
a shower into your day? Plus she is sore, and tired.

Asher is very alert, looking around from the very first moments.

We love him very much.


brand new

less than two hours old....still in warmer.



Can you believe it?


Hello little boy.

Welcome to our world.

We have been waiting for you.

Love you!

Mean it.

Your Dad's mom.

p.s. thank you for being so patient. I hated making you wait...
I don't have a laptop and my iphone does not work in Nebraska....or Iowa.

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