Thursday, September 30, 2010


I took this picture when my camera was a month old. My D80.

We spent three/four days in Paris in 2007. It was here that Emma celebrated her 18th birthday.

I have promised Katie that I would take her to Paris when she was 18. I am smarter than I look :o)

It rained lightly almost every day we were in Paris. The flower shop was not even a blip on my radar as we passed the building
each day on the way to the Metro and the bakery. But then on the last day, the sun came out and so did the flowers.

The flowers were so gorgeous, so beautifully arranged. I took a few pictures.

It's fun to go down the photo memory lane...

Our mom had a shoebox full of pictures. Looking thru it was one of my favorite things as a little girl.
Our father had a camera and took slides. We would all sit and watch those slides.

Treasures. Pictures are. True treasures.


my muse.
three years ago.

I was still shooting on auto then but learning to photoshop a little...

oh my gosh...

two hours have gone by...and I have a ton to do today!

Go and look thru your pictures....
enjoy and remember and smile!

Love ya.

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