Thursday, September 09, 2010

The night Melinda was in labor, the Dancing with the Stars line up was announced.
Matthew was on the computer and was checking the list for me.
We tried to keep it on the down low because Dancing with the Stars is about a zero in importance compared
to birthing a baby.

In fact, with all four of my children. There was no TV on in the hospital room. Even the long first labor.
It was Lamaze breathing and focusing and there was just no way I was going to have the television on.

Things have changed in 28 years.

There was HGTV for Melinda and Sports feeds on the computer for Matthew.

So every so often I would ask Matthew to check the DWTS lineup for me.

I did not like what I was hearing.

At all.

Here is the list and what I think of the "stars".

1. Bristol Palin-Not a star by any means. She does not annoy me.

2. Audrina Patridge- Not a star. Reality show...the Hills or something...not at all interested in her. Annoys me a little.

3. Brandy- Singer. Legit choice.

4. David Hasselhoff- Star in the worst sense of the word. Annoys me a lot.

5. Florence Henderson- I get her mixed up with Shirley Jones. I wonder what her hair looks like.

6. Jennifer Grey- Love her. Nose job changed her appearance so much you won't recognize her from Dirty Dancing.
"No one puts baby in the corner." Yo.

7. Kurt Warner- Come on!

8. Kyle Massey- Who? Seriously. Who?

9. Margaret Cho- She is funny. Very. But Dancing with the Stars?

10. Michael Bolton- I guess you have to stay in the spotlight somehow. Thank you for cutting your hair.

11. The Situation- NOOOOOOOO! This choice really ANNOYS me. It may keep me from watching.

12. Rick Fox-What else is he gonna do?


Does anyone like this line up. It think it is the WORST ever. Yuck-ola.

Dancing with the Washed-Up-Never-have-been Stars.

I can not even guess at at a winner yet.

I don't want to end on such a negative note.

Here is something pretty to lighten the mood. I took it a week or so ago....Sunday morning....


Deep cleansing breath.

That's better.

Have a lovely day!

Encourage one another,

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