Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just because I can't eat em...doesn't mean Katie can't!!!

She even made these herself! All by herself.

She turned the oven on and forgot to take out the pans that are hidden in there.
But that was the only little mistake. I threw the hot smoking pan on the front porch where I throw all hot stinky pans and burnt toast.

The pan. It's still there.

I think it is cooled by now.

Remember when I said it is good to have ten things you can cook.

Well. This is #2 for Katie.
She can make a bagel for herself and she can make cookies from the box.



The annual begging for pumpkins has begun.

Every time Katie sees a sign...she wants to buy them.

I just never have the cash. Who has cash anymore?


The Hoff was voted off and I consider it a minor miracle.

But now I worry about him.

How weird is that?

Love ya!


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