Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Ever since seeing Cindy's sparkly TOMS at Thanksgiving, Katie has been wanting a pair just like them.
Last week she decided to get the money out of her piggy bank and order a pair.

They came in the mail yesterday after school.

Katie is feeling very special as she gets ready for school this morning.

She tells me that her friends do not know about TOMS and she is excited to show them the shoes that are also a charity.



Caught. In the sun.


I am reminded of our Thanksgiving 5K this morning....thinking of shoes.

When you walk in a 5K you are given a chip to put on your shoes to keep your time.


I'm not telling who...but someone thought...Ruffles.

Happy first day of March!!
Every day...Spring inches closer....and before we know it the grass will be green and the sun will set

More than the warm weather....I love the late sun sets.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Thank you all for sharing your opinions on the dresses. I don't mind if everyone disagrees with me.
I am just thankful that if you thought I was immoral for choosing that dress.....you kept it to yourself :o)

And that is why I love you all so much.

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