Wednesday, March 09, 2011


All the buzz lately has been about books
becoming obsolete. This makes me crazy.

I say. Don't believe it. Don't buy into it.

I have given electronic books a chance and I don't like it.
Patrick bought me an ipad for Christmas,
I was excited to give the 'kindle' feature a try. In fact that doesn't need to be in quotes because
there is an actual Kindle app for the ipad.

I uploaded the new Julia Child book, you know, the one where Julia and
Avis send letters back and forth to one another. "As Always, Julia."
I didn't upload the whole thing, I uploaded a sample. It's about 30 pages long.
It's a very nice feature. But, I just don't like holding the ipad. I don't like reading from it.
I even tried to take it to bed with me. This is where I read every night for at least 1/2 an hour.
UCK. Did not like it at all.

If "As Always Julia" had been in book form, I would be done with it.

The Borders books store is closing in Madison. I saw the big sign across the top of the building on Monday.
I love my hardbacks. I love my paperbacks.

I am going to Barnes and Noble today and I am going to buy As Always Julia.
I'm going to pick out a bunch of books. I will do my part to keep publishers printing.

And tonight when I go to bed, I will take my hard back book with me,
and I will read my book like a normal person (just kidding, Kindle lovers ;o) ).

Yes. The computer is a fad. I said it and I was wrong. Seems to be sticking around.

But please, book makers, please keep making books.

I really really love my books.


I'm loving these white book shelves. I love the molding (?) at the bottom.

Can you guess what movie these are from?

Encourage one another and buy a book today,


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