Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making due.

Make do.

Help. Which is it?

I'm sure I have never written about making do because I don't even know how to spell it or where that term comes from.

Okay. I just looked it up and it is make do.

BUT, I make do all the time and the results are what make me, me.
I make do in the kitchen. What I have on hand determines what we will eat.
I try to be a good shopper and planner, but sometimes it's a make do night.
Last night for dinner we had scrambled eggs and toast and ham. It was a satisfying meal.
We made do.


Often, and I mean often, I have to make do with my locations.
This is one reason for so many close ups.

Greasy hair = a crop.
Cluttered background= crop
Baby needing to be held=crop

And as far as lenses go.
I make do.

I don't have a macro nor do I have a telephoto and for the first year of owning a DSLR all I had was a 50 mm 1.8.
I learned so much using just that one lens. It forced me to be creative and learn the basics.



and rotten weather gave me the opportunity to find my gorgeous garage light.


and a picture that just doesn't have much going for it,
gave me eyes to see.

Then there are clothes and shoes.

I honestly hope no one is watching or keeping track of my wardrobe.
I wear the same shirts for years. YEARS.
And I always wear a black skirt or black pants.

Just yesterday, Katie made do and bought a size 5 t-shirt.
Yes, the girl is eleven, but we went to Target after school because she was told they
could wear St. Patrick's Day graphic tees to school. For Katie, this is just the best news.
So we went to Target and almost every St. Patty's Day tee was gone.

Except some purple ones that she didn't care for and a teeny little Mickey Mouse/Rainbow/Pot O' gold tee that said,
Lucky Me. We liked it. We bought it and Katie wore it to school with a tank underneath it to make sure her tummy
was completely covered at all times.

Life is messy.
Sometimes making do is the perfect answer.

Encourage one another,

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