Saturday, March 12, 2011

Many of you mentioned how long Katies hair is getting.


This was last JUNE!
(I've been visiting the archives again :o) )

Yikes. She could be in the Olympics of hair growing.


No one was able to guess the movie quote I asked about last week.

"Do I chariz you?"

Well, it was from The Goodbye Girl. That was one of those movies I went to over and over
when I was a lonely girl.

"He is coming back!"
"I never doubted it for a minute.'


"I don't like the panties hanging on the rod."

I did love that movie. It's super dated.
But for a long time it was my You've Got Mail.



I dug thru the June pictures for show and tell today.

Katie and her girlfriend Leonie went to the mall. I tagged along.
And it really was tagging along because they walked in front of me, really fast.

It's weird to think you are walking fast, when you are not.
This happens to me a lot.

Anyway the girls were perfect and I survived. They checked in with me and were right on time when
I asked them to meet me. (I set boundries, they stuck to them)
When we left, I said, you know what it means when you do everything right?

They didn't.

I said. You get to go to the mall....again!




Last June. I met Di and her family.
We are on a pier.

I'm sure I could see Alcatraz from here.


Hi Patrick Jr.!
You look slim in this picture!




I have been to San Fransisco twice in one year. How did that even happen?
It was gorgeous and bright-shiney sunny both times.

I know I am blessed.



I just noticed that you can see me clear as can be in Emma's glasses.

Super fun!

Do you know this song?
You should.

Happy Weekend,
Love to all,

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