Friday, March 04, 2011

A lovely benefit to blogging for me is that I have
a few very talented blog-sistahs and photographers who
give me their actions to try. All I have to do is tell you the truth about the actions.

I am not obligated to love them or to write long detailed reviews about them.

(Cause long detailed reviews are too hard.)

Jodi of MCP actions is the queen of photoshop and a wonderful business woman.

I use her Newsprint action for Katie's black and white all the time and the picture I got tons of comments on was edited with Mocha Madness from that same set. In The Details.


Jodi's new set is dreamy. It contains another black and white that I will use ALL the time.

The actions run flawlessly and are super adjustable.

This set called MCP Fusion is on a whole more my style. A light hand with pretty tones.

Here, I'll show you.

DSC_3130-7 rem

This is Reminisce. It looks like film. I love it.

DSC_6658-7 copyDSC_6658-7beachhouse

Here is one called Beach house.


This one called Vanilla Cream got the orange out!



This time Vanilla Cream got the blue out and just made the picture prettier.
I am not an expert here on what happens...I just look and like or don't like :op


I used Charming for some drama.



Slumber Party.

Isn't this nice? I like it.



Reminisce again.

It is so beautiful it makes me sigh.

Thank you Jodi for letting me experiment with your newest set of Actions. Fusion.



Do you want to know something crazy?

I still have some Christmas decorations up including the wreath on the front door.

It's about time, no?

We still have snow and the wreath still looks fresh. Why would I want to take it down?

Anita saw robins. I heard a cardinal this morning.


Dear House Beautiful,

I am sorry.


Encourage one another,

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