Friday, March 11, 2011

I am getting a tutorial ready for The Pioneer Woman about shooting in the cloudy, rainy,
foggy weather. I began writing it yesterday. I was bemoaning my fate of living in
gloomy Wisconsin.

Today the sun is shining. We are all safe in our state that doesn't rattle;
our town that doesn't flood. We have ample water and food and we live without fear of
physical peril from natures groans and jerks and random will.

Today I will pray for those who are frightened and suffering,
I know you will be too.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers.



Asher is six months old. He is a sweet boy.
Melinda took this picture with her point and shoot camera.

Hi honey.
Yaya loves you.



I took fifty pictures of Katie yesterday afternoon.
This one stood out.


Houston, we have a problem.


Things were stiff at first, then she showed me her dance for Beauty and the Beast.
Did I tell you she is a Silly Girl?
Well. She is. She is loving it and having tons of fun on Sunday afternoons.

All of the pictures that I loved were of when Katie was running through her dance.

I think I need a boom box to bring on my photo sessions.


What else. Um. I was right about who would go home on American idol.
I sure hope Casey feels better soon. (He was not on the show last night because he was in the hospital.)


I watched Extreme Couponing last night.
I was both thrilled and disgusted by people on the show.
The two women I saw were rather normal.
Passionate coupon users.

That I can deal with.

But that man, hoarding and taking so much that he didn't need.
He made me mad. And then I got mad at the store that let him do it.

Around here we have limits on how many we can get. Like four.
Around here we do not have double coupons AND we can not use coupons printed off of the computer.

I do not mind these rules.

The hoarder/extreme coupon man ruins things for everyone and he takes all of the items.
I didn't like him. He was selfish.
(Yes he gave away 1000 boxes of cereal. Store donation, basically.)

coupon diva

Video of one of the nice ladies.


Thank you for being here. For keeping me company.
For letting me share my life, my joys and sorrows with you.


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