Friday, March 18, 2011

A little bit of this,
A little bit of that....

March Madness.
I filled out my brackets for the basketball games...
I will brag today, for tomorrow I will probably go down in flames.

I am 13 for 16.

Thank you very much.


Karen R. from idol was my favorite on Wednesday night.
She was kicked off last night.

Yes. What I am hearing is different than what the judges are hearing.


Selling New York might need to change the name of their show to New York Realtors Trying to Make Sales.


DSC_9026-6 copy

Sometimes the best chance of getting eye contact with a little child is when....they are eating.


DSC_9055-3 copy

Some pictures you just go back to again and again...and they always look wonderful, no matter how you edit them.


My email friend and editor acquaintance, Julie Mazur, sent me a wonderful book in the mail last week.

It is all about photographing your baby's first year!

Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh

I think you will love her. Me Ra Koh Video

The book is very thorough and has so many fantastic ideas. I think lots of new moms would
adore this book.


Happy Friday Friends

Love you lots,

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