Monday, March 14, 2011

Social Media Etcetera.

In my inbox I get blog update alerts from Purl SoHo.

Do you get these or go to this blog? It is super beautiful AND the projects are usually quite

The Purl bee

I'd love to lift a pic to show you the colorful Easter bags...but you are going to have to jump on over there to have a peek.


This morning on Twitter I found out that Justin Bieber loves me. soo much.


Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 7.12.29 AM

Miz Booshay Twitter

As far as communication goes. Twitter is the least effective mode of discussion for me.
I use it only to be nosey.

Sometimes I try to get something know if I am watching the Oscars and want to comment on dresses and such,
but to be honest, no one is usually reading me. I also don't like the fact that you can respond to people and they almost never, really never write back. It's rejection city for me over at Twitter. Why doesn't Bonnie want to be my friend and read my Tweets to her?

I was tempted to write back to Justin that I love him right back.
But I don't really love him and I'm pretty sure he gets about 1000 replies a minute.
Besides, I'm 52 or something.


Facebook is my place for family fun and friends I wouldn't necessarily text...but it's fun to be in on
the events of their lives.

I absolutely love being in touch with my sibs thru Facebook.
It blesses me so much. I can see pictures of Grand babies and pictures from vacations.
I can read about teams winning and doggies growing.

I would miss facebook the most.
Facebook is my Scarecrow.


And now I am going to tell you about the next big thing.

If you like pictures, if you like going thru magazines and saving pictures of your favorite things,
you can now do this on the internet.

The place is Pinterest and I love it.

Here are my boards if you want to see the kinds of things I pin.

Miz Booshay's Pinterest

Patrick and I like to talk about what will be next....
this is it.


If you are a visual person, you will love Pinterest.

I am especially fond of my style pinboard (total fantasy except for the chubby coat), the spaces and places, for the home and of course, Posters_words.

Check it.


I love texting almost better than talking on the phone.
I like Flickr and use it every day.

Am I forgetting some? Probably.

What ways do you find you are using Social Media?
Has it enhanced your life at all or is it just a big time waster.

It is indeed a time waster, I am not that unaware, however the benefits are real and good for me.

Encourage one another,

p.s. I just found three typing errors in this post and corrected them.
Thank you for being so kind and not telling me I am a bonehead on
a regular basis.

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