Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just got home from the Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Part One.
I went to the Target Starbucks to get my little chai and decided to shop.
Those turkey's take days to thaw.

I will be bringing desserts, rolls and mashed potatoes to the big Boucher gathering. My sister in law is always so gracious to host ALL of us at her house.

This year I will bring two homemade pumpkin pies, a chocolate pie and Grandma Glyman's graham cracker cake.
(must remember whipped cream)

(I will make the whole meal at home before we go and we will use it as left overs for the following days.)

Matthew, Melinda and Asher are coming for Thanksgiving this year! We can't wait.
Emma is coming home too. We can't wait.
One day, Patrick Jr. will be able to make it for one of the holidays...I am sure of it. We can't wait.

I bought my husband a mass quantity of Bounty Paper towels today. This will make him super happy.
He loves his paper towels.

I also bought those circle/pretzels so I can make the faux turtles with the girls one afternoon.

That's from when I made them in 2006.
I had a hard time finding pecans. Are they rare this year?
Need to look at a second store.

Thanksgiving shopping. Part Two.


My friend, Linda, has a very talented family. This year Matt and Jesika made a cd for the family.

A Gusto's Christmas by Matt Guastamacchio

I think you will like it.
Jesika and Matt are always doing something creative.
They inspire me.


Off to watch Kelly and Jerry Seinfeld.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

What happens matters.
Love always,

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