Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I got suckered in by the upsale and I am now a tea drinker.

A few Saturdays ago I was shopping at the mall with Katie and her girlfriends when I stopped by a new store that
was selling tea. It's called Teavana.

There were two large containers with different teas brewing at the store entrance. One was a chai tea.
I tried a little. I liked it. It did not have that icky tea taste.
I have always hated tea. Don't even like sugary, lemonade summer iced tea. Ick. Ick.

But this chai was spicy and good.

I followed the sales clerk into the store and was caught in the web of Teavana.

The tea is in big buckets; six dollars, ten dollars, 16 dollars for TWO ounces.

So you decided to just get two ounces. BUT Nooooo.....
The tea you tried has two different teas in it.

So you have to buy two teas.

One is six dollars for two ounces and has the caffeine. (a must have)
the other has the flavor and costs ten dollars. (chai)

Oh my. What have I gotten myself into.

I am then sold two metal tins, that come with a lifetime guarantee to keep my tea fresh.
One tin for each kind of tea.

For heavens sake.

I need to make this loose do I do that?

The young sales clerk directs me to the cast iron $60.00 pots. They will last forever.

I tell her that my husband would kill me if I came home with that.

"Isn't there something less than this?"

She takes me over to the $30.00 ceramic pots.

Nope. I tell her. Still too much.

She shows me a Thermos that she uses....nah. Don't want that.

And then I am reminded of those metal balls that you put tea into. "Do you have those mesh balls?"
She hesitantly takes me over to the mesh ball corner of the store. "These are not good," she tells me.

At this point, a woman who I think is the manager of the store or the owner, steps in. "Has she shown you the pots over here?"
"Yes, she showed me everything."
Did she show you this handy dandy $15.00 tea maker?

Oh. That looks nice and easy.

Okay I'll get that.

How about a cup? This tea maker must fit over the cup.


I grab a perfect tea spoon for scooping the tea out of it's home in the $7.00 dollar tin. (That will last a lifetime)

Up to the counter I go.

I need German Rock Sugar now. It doesn't sweeten, it enhances the flavor.


I buy it.

And then grand total for my cup o tea.....


I am out of my mind.

It's a fine cup of tea. I used all my loose tea up already.
I am enjoying this warm cup in the afternoons.

My cup has a happy saying on it.

"Come let us have some tea
and continue to talk about happy

~Chaim Potok

Monday, Katie and I went to the mall for a birthday present for her friend.
I went to Teavana to buy some more of my tea.

They tried very hard to sell me more varieties.
But new varieties would call for new tins to hold those new varieties.

I said NO!

The sales clerk said, but they will last for a lifetime and if you fill your tin to the top you can get 'this much' for free.

No thankyou.

Just the chai please.

Seriously now. Come on over. I'll make you some tea.


Love and kisses,
The pushover

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