Monday, November 21, 2011


On Friday it was sunny and windy. Two of my favorite things. I thought it would be fun to go by the beach, by the zoo.
A hideous orange plastic fence ran along the whole shoreline.

Seeing as all the trees have lost their leaves I was left without any open shade.
It wasn't my favorite photoshoot....but I like the picture above.


I'm not a great fan of the orange tint. I was surprised to see it.
That's why I went with black and white.
Maybe it's not so horrible.


Here I am making the shade. This is one instance when being shaped like Jabba the Hut is a good thing.


I bought two new ringtones this morning while I was waiting for Target to open.

The first one I bought is "If you want to sing out, sing out." This is so happy.
The second one I bought is "Ginny". From the Harry Potter soundtrack. I have only heard this song once. I think Mark Ballas dance to this song on DWTS last season. Anyway. I liked it.

What Ringtone do you have on your phone?
Do you have special ringtones for different people?
I don't, but I think that would be fun!!

Encourage one another,

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