Monday, November 28, 2011

Seems as I look over the weekend images...Katie had the weekend off.


Gorgeous Melinda and adorable Asher in my fabulous garage light. :o)



Is it any wonder where Asher got those big eyes?

Emma and I ran off on a cloudy afternoon for a quick shoot.
The whole weekend was cloudy.
It pushes me technically and creatively.






a few weekend tidbits...

much turkey, stuffing and gravy was consumed
katie and emma made peanut butter butterscotch rice krispie treats
asher waves byebye and pats your back when he hugs you
he also likes to knock noggins
melinda and emma know Steel Magnolias better than I do
katie is getting so tall
matthew loves shoes...still
patrick and i celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on saturday
the packers are 11-0
cindy and pat stopped by with susie's knitting and quilting things
i am wearing a scarf she made right now

it's awful quiet round here now
but the cat is purring like crazy
she is going to hate the dog

what happens matters


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