Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A tail and a tale.

First of all, what a total blast I had reading the comments yesterday and this morning.
What wonderful stories, suggestions, ideas and names, names, names.

Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Katie and I will be going over the comments with a fine tooth comb tonight!!!


And now for my tale,
my tale of woe.

Yesterday Emma boarded a bus in Chicago bound for Madison.
I got Katie to school, edited pictures and showered.

At 3:45 Emma's bus arrived at the bus stop.
At 3:45 Patrick picked Katie up from school
I was picking up dinner and drinks and met Emma at 3:50.

Emma was wearing her Packer's jersey.
I my Packer fleece.

We drove and talked and ate salads.

At 6:10 we found our parking spot on the street right across from the water tower.
Emma loaded up with a hat and mittens and a scarf.
I grabbed my wallet, phone and keys.

With the first step toward Lambeau it came to me.

I had forgotten the tickets.

We stood next to the car in shock and dismay.

I was stunned. I felt terrible.
Emma had traveled so far for THIS!!
I had no hope.

I wanted to get right back in the car and head home. We could listen to the game on the radio.

Emma said we could look for tickets near the gates or we could go and watch the game at a local bar.
She was tired of being in a moving vehicle.

I called Patrick. "I forgot the tickets."
He said he would check the website and see if they mentioned what to do if you were a bonehead....er....had forgotten your

You see. I have gone to probably 35 Packer games.
I am the ticket rememberer.

I had never even heard of someone forgetting their tickets.

What do you do?

So Patrick checked around and called Emma's cell. (Because my piece of poop, ATT serviced phone, NEVER EVER EVER gets a signal.)

Go to the Main Entrance, the one with the statue with Vince Lombardi, there is a ticket window there.
Go to 'Ticket Problems" aka "Welcome Morons".

Give them your drivers license. Tell them all of your information. Look really sad.

No. He didn't say that. That came naturally.

We waked all around the stadium to find the gate.
It was a long and worrisome walk.

I stepped up to the window. A nice lady took my id. Asked for names and addresses. She looked on her handy dandy computer. She handed me a form to sign.

She made us new tickets.

No sweat.

I told her I would like to give her a kiss.

She said. Enjoy the game.


We were in.
Still in a daze.
But very very happy!


The Packers won, 45 to 7.
We are 9-0
It's good to be a Packer fan.


The End

The blessed, wonderful, victorious end.

Donna Boucher

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