Monday, November 14, 2011

I hinted on Saturday that we were thinking about getting a puppy.
The litter I was interested in was going fast. The mommy is a pretty yellow lab named Mya. The daddy is a big beautiful boy named Duke. (Also yellow) Duke passed away soon after Mya was bred. Duke has a long line of gorgeous and wonderful children.

We made plans to go see the puppies because there were only two left by Saturday.

Mya's owner is a hunter and animal lover. She loves Mya so much that she wanted to breed her so she could have one of her babies. (She is not a career breeder.)

I am looking for temperament. Totally. This is why we are getting a Lab.
We just want a sweet dog to love.

My friend Wendy says, lots of love and walks and we can't go wrong.

That is my hope.


Katie is very excited. As she was holding the big girl, I brought the other lighter, smaller girl over to show her and Katie was not too interested in the smaller puppy. The second puppy was whining a little. (who can blame her) Our big puppy was calm and sleepy in Katie's arms and that was the end of that. Instant puppy love.


Our drive to Boscobel was a little under and hour and a half.

Katie and I talked the whole way of doggie names.

We went thinking of Lucy as our main choice.
After seeing her, Katie actually didn't think she looked like a Lucy. I wasn't sure either.
I think she looks like a Harper. (Named for Harper Lee author of To Kill A Mockingbird.)
Katie is not crazy about that name. Katie likes 'y' or 'ie' endings.

The pups were born on Halloween and will come home the week of Christmas.

We have thought of holiday names but our favorite is Holly and I know a few people named Holly.
Belle could be like a Christmas Belle.

Here is our list that I typed onto my phone.

Lucy (Lucy, you've got some splainin to do)
Nelle (We just thought this was a cute name, my niece Lindsay says, "Whoa Nelly!)
Maisy (cute name. maze is yellow)
(Miss) Honey (I love miss honey. works for color.)
Jilly (always thought this was a cool name)
Monroe (I love this. For Marilyn. It sounds solid. Katie does not like it at all.)
Minny ( for wonderful Minny in The Help. Solid and sassy)
Harper (I love)
Sally ( sweet, Katie likes this)
Belle (we love Bella but know a puppy with that name)
Libby ( I like 'L' names)
Daisy (cute and long time fave of mine)

Here are some I wrote down but can't get passed Katie;


Any ideas?

Remember she will be large and strong, we think, with a blocky head.

Katie wants to decide quickly. I am not in as much of a hurry.
Michelle said we can come back to visit any time. I'm sure we will in a few weeks and we can try out names then.

We are beyond excited!!


We thought of Boo. (TKAM and Halloween)
Not great for yelling tho.

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