Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy news on many fronts.

First, the Fat Flush Phase One is over. I lost ten pounds in this two weeks of cranwater and
extreme structure. I am glad it is over. I have spent the last week counting calories also as a practice.I
I will add the dairy and bread/grain products gradually while continuing to eat fruit, vegetables
and lean meats.
I am using an app on my iphone called My Net Diary. I like using it.
Also I have started a wee streak. I am committed to ten minutes of walking or aerobics a day.
I know it is super short. But it is what it is.
I found a fun channel on my television. Channel 927. They play Party Favorites.

So there I will be, doing my low impact aerobics in the family room....ten minutes a day.

She got up off the couch. Briefly.


Being separated from our children is a painful thing.
Seeing pictures, lots of great pictures, of the daily happenings and special
events makes me super happy!



Seeing our son this content and happy....is there anything better in life?


Little Asher...your Wisconsin roots are showing. Cutie pie.


Melinda. You are stunning.


"I just love a house with pictures. It do make a home."
~driving miss daisy

“Folks will always come back to where their heart is.”
~yankee doodle dandy

“Just remember that honoring one’s parents is still a pretty good idea.”
~now voyager

Encourage one another,

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