Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melinda asked me to take a Christmas card family picture last weekend.
Of course it was cloudy and rainy all weekend.
Sunday morning we dashed over to a little spot I know of that had a few outbuildings on the property.
This is some one's private land.
This does not set well with Matthew.
He is a rule follower.
I like that about him.

Fortunately for Matthew, there was a for sale sign at the entrance to the property.
We could pretend we were buyers.
When he pulled in he was leery of doing the shoot there. I told him to turn the car around and
face it out the driveway for a quick getaway.


Here is a terribly overexposed shot of Matthew watching for the cops, or the landowners....
or a squirrel.

Katie came along to hold things for us.
She loved that! (sarcasm)

I brought a blanket because I am the queen of styling. (again more sarcasm)

I snapped 250 pictures in about ten minutes.
And because I was snapping so quickly and because my camera has been acting strange,
I had at least 80 overexposed pictures. (I think it's time to send the camera in for a tune up.)

DSC_4263-5 copy3

Matthew has blossomed as a daddy.





I have just started editing the images Melinda chose.
It's fun and challenging.


Melinda and I laughed and laughed at this shot.
Laughing at yourself is healthy, don't you think?

Out takes.
Graham cracker cake.

Love ya!

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