Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Saturday I shared my Pinterest finds from the week.
I think I will do that every Saturday.

Check out this clever and very watchable video.
It's really well done and super informative.

And today....I am going to buy myself a thin scarf so I can do this!


Source: via Donna on Pinterest

You'll never guess what we are thinking of doing....very soon....


This is a cool color, isn't it? I usually don't care for pinks...but this one....I love.


I need a record player.

Then I can listen to Saturday Night Fever and 'Let's Get Small' and Funny Girl in my family room.


This weeks words of wisdom....

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Pinterest is fun.

If you want to follow along....there is a new button on the sidebar.

Wishing you a delightful weekend!

Encourage one another,

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