Thursday, January 03, 2013

Claire moved away....

(Donna and Lynn sending Claire a message via photobooth and snail mail.
We were so ahead of our time!)

Once upon a time there were four girls in 7th grade.
Claire, Heidi, Lynn and Donna.
We lived in the same neighborhood.
We went to the same schools.
They made a club.
The magic word was please.
Claire moved away to New Jersey.
Heidi moved away to Arizona.
Lynn moved away and came back.

Claire would call me every New Years eve at 11:00 to say Happy New Year.
I told this story to Katie on Monday night.  I still think of Claire at 11:00 when the ball drops in New York.

Tuesday in the email came this picture.
Claire found it on her closet floor.  She said that is not where it should have been.  It was
from a box in the basement.  She wrote to tell me about it, share it, and say Happy New Year.

How very odd, don't you think?
Not Claire.  She is lovely.
But the picture finding its way to her on New Years Day.

It's amazing to see and feel the bonds of childhood friendship.  They transend.
I have not seen Claire in 40 years.

I have not seen Lynn since her wedding in the early 80's, and's been just as long as Claire, I think.

I think of them all fondly and wonder if we will ever meet again...
Stranger things have happened.