Monday, January 14, 2013

The Golden Globe dresses and Downton Abbey recap

What a divine night of television watching.

Nearly all of the stars looked great last night.  It was a beautiful red carpet.
A good time was had by all.....NOT.
Tommy Lee Jones sat stone faced with that wrinkly crabby face of his thru a hilarious bit by Kristen Wigg and Will Ferrell.  I mean. Come on Tommy!
President Clinton (I believe all Presidents former and present deserve the title of President and never Mr. or first name. Although I did say, "It's slick Willy" when he came on the stage.) introduced "Lincoln" with a wonderfully written piece.  That was pretty cool.
Daniel Day Lewis won and gave a gorgeous acceptance as did Ben Afleck.

These two.  Hilarious.

Below you will find my most favorite dresses.


This is the young girl from Nashville.  Hayden Panettiere is wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress. This light, light pink dress had lovely details and I think everything about this worked for her.


Such a pretty color.  Perfect fit.  Rosario Dawson.  Can't find designer's name yet.


I think this is Nancy O'Dell.  She is on Entertainment Tonight.  But wow!  What a color and what a perfect figure.


Taylor Swift looking amazing.  I'm not a fan of the model stare but I love this dress on her.   The top of this dress is reminicent of something Grace Kelly wore (in baby blue) .  Love this neckline.  Katie did not :o)  Taylor has wonderful retro taste and I love seeing what she wears. She was not too happy to lose last night to Adele.  By the way, dress by Donna Karan.


Speaking of Adele. She gave the best speech when she won for the Skyfall song.   I feel like I have seen  this dress on her before but let me tell you, this is the only dress I would ever even try on to go to a formal affair.  And I would wear my hair and make up like that.  Yup.  I am Adele.  Except for the voice and everything else.


Zooey Deschanel wore Oscar de la Renta.  I sure like her.


I wasn't going to do anything about bad fashion, cause it wasn't so bad...but when I saw this picture of Angelica Houston I gagged.  Yes.  I will never get used to what some people do to themselves.  Her face is a tragedy...and she doesn't know it.  I guess that's good.  She thinks she looks good.  What is in the Hollywood water???

Number Three



Gorgeous all around.  Julianne Hough in Monique L'huillier.
I like her style.

Numero Dos



This dress is stunning.  It is by Vera Wang.  Julia Louise-Dreyfus has wonderful style and looks so good every time I see her.  She has it all.



Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera.  I love this dress.  LOVE IT.
It is on the best and worst lists.  And I understand that.  But beautiful fabric speaks to me.
I love this retro wallpaper dress.  I think it is the coolest dress I have seen in a long time.
Way to go.


Maggie Smith won a Golden Globe last night for Downton Abbey.  Michelle Dockery was at the awards and did not win, but I thought you would like to see her dress.   She was a good sport and laughed and laughed.



Now. On to Downton Abbey.


Everything in the house was about her....for once.


I loved how Edith tried to get the answers out of Mr. Wimp.  Mr. Wait Until Your are Standing At the Altar!!
Good Grief.  What a dope.

Would you marry someone 25 years older than you?  Someone who thought you were lovely?

I wasn't against the wedding at all and am very sorry for Edith.

I like that Matthew said "What can we do to help Edith?"

But last night Matthew the Moper really got on my nerves.  He looked goofy in his robe. Chubby even.


I was just so tired of his whining.  No whiners allowed.  Snap out of it.


I loved Mary's tenacity.  I also love that they show Matthew and Mary arguing and disagreeing because this is marriage and it is not all happy times and agreements.


Feeling guilty.  still.  again.

But now.  All is well at Downton, well except for Thomas and Mrs. O'Brian.  Looks like romance is brewing downstairs between Mr Carson and Mrs. Hughes.  And the previews show Sybil in some kind of trouble.  What can that be?

A lot happened in that short hour episode.
Wishing Edith happier tomorrows.

What did you think about Downton Abbey last night?
Any opinions on the dresses?

Thanks for coming around and listening/reading my ramblings.
It's aways so much more fun to share.

Encourage one another,


  1. I have been sitting here refreshing and refreshing ... and here you are.

    I think I should be drinking herbal tea, not coffee. I'm a bit keyed up.

    Love the clip of Will Ferrell and the gal whose name I don't know - too funny. I love me some Will Ferrell and since I didn't get to watch the show, I LOVED it.

    Love the dresses - especially Hayden P. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World -- I always think of that when I see her.

    Lucy Liu looked good - someone on Facebook said she looked like a 80's comforter, made into a dress, but in a good way. I like it because it was colorful and different.

    Julia Louis D. looked pretty but I am not a fan of the nude color lips.

    Total agreement about Hollywood Water/Weird Faces. What are people thinking?

    Downton Abbey: I was so sad for Edith. The veil fluttering down, carpets put back -- just so sad. Mopey Matthew was a bit much. But I love that he and Mary could disagree and still be loving (well most of the time).

    I will say this: Season 3 just gets better and better. Good stuff ahead.

    THANK YOU Donna for the photos, the clips - yudda best!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and fun comments.
      I tried to hurry. It took me over 1/2 and hour and I had already gathered the pics of the dresses last night.

    2. You were right on time -- it was me, I was overly eager!!

      I think I'm going to watch my DVD of last night's episode again - but I'd better be quick and do it before my hubby gets home. He's been patient with my re-watching of D.A., but the poor guy is bound to lose it pretty soon :-)

  2. Julie Smith10:21 AM

    I heard Adele say her dress was by Burberry - so perfectly English. I was surprised to learn she wrote the music and the lyrics to Skyfall.

    Didn't care for Lucy Liu's dress. The blue was lovely, but did you see that Debra Messing couldn't get within 5 feet of the microphone when they were presenting together? The dress reminded me of that Carol Burnett/Scarlett O'hara skit. Just not a fan.

    I did love all the soft colors though - Anne Hathaway, Hayden Panettiere, etc.

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious. It was a fun show.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    As God is my witness...I thought Matthew's robe took a page out of Gone with the Wind and Sound of Music: It looked like it was made out of old curtains!

    Loved your post and selection of dresses!

    Missy (Missysisms)

  4. I am not an awards show gal,but I would say this--agree about Adele, J. Hough(she is so cute) and A. Houston--why oh why!! Disagree on L.Liu--think Motel 6 curtain panel.
    Now,Downton. Those are fashions!!!!! I loved the photo-taking scene. All 3 looked so beautiful. Edith's wedding gown was magnificent; I loved her necklace, and, yes, stop moping Matthew. What a martyr!!
    Packers--el stinko! Lots of work to do on defense. Clay Matthews oh so bad in that game!!

  5. I really wanted to watch just so I could comment wisely today on your post...but alas, Gary wanted to watch football or was it basketball? I am not certain, but I know some sport was on : ). I really like your number one. And your number 2. And your number 3.

    I am not such a fan of face altering...YUCK!

    I am a fan of you : ) and Adelle. She is beautiful. Her voice is amazing. I like her figure. I don't mind fluff in the slightest.

    Happy Monday Miz Booshay. Love, Becky

  6. Thank you for remembering that about Adele's dress!
    Yes. The hips were large. (Lucy's dress) but I can't help it. It's my fave.
    Oh! I forgot to talk about Anne Hathaway.
    She was wonderfully dressed, I liked the two pieces and the sparkles. I think I have a bit of a scoop.
    Anne did not visit the "E" stage so I did not hear her speak about her dress. (which I have learned was chanel)
    I think Anne avoided 'E" on purpose. Joan Rivers is foul and rude and says bad things about almost everyone and recently said nasty things about Anne. I am so glad Anne did not entertain the "E" reporters.

    I know it was deliberate. I just know it.

    I would love to watch Fashion Police on E but I just hate Joan Rivers.

    1. ... speaking of horribly messed up faces.

      Good for Anne Hathaway for avoiding them. I'll have to go look at the photos on - they always have a good wrap up of the gowns.

      But I like your personal touch, Donna.

  7. I love the dress that Lucy Liu wore, but I've always been drawn to vintage wallpaper prints. I will say that I agree with the other comment that it looked like a comforter from the 80's. I had a Laura Ashley comforter when I went to college in 1985 that is almost the exact print. Blue background, floral. I loved it. Wish I still had it.
    I don't watch the award shows, especially last night. The Good Wife, Downton Abbey and Revenge? How does one choose?

  8. When I saw the blue dress on Nancy O'Dell, my first thought (besides "wow!") was that I just knew you'd like it!

    I, too, was totally annoyed by Matthew. What a whiner last night. And I told my husband, "Miss O'Bryan is going to beat Thomas up!" or something like that. He's lost his mind to mess with her. And poor, poor Edith. She will come out strong, I'm sure. But oh, the pain she displayed. Great job!

  9. I had sick kids Saturday night, so I fell asleep before Downton (yes, I am that mom.) Off to watch this morning. Loved your recap of the Golden Globes. I saw another dress I liked—I think it was Anne Hathaway's. I'll have to find a photo.

  10. Didn't see any of it on TV, but LOVE the dress on Lucy Liu! She and the dress are just gorgeous!
    It doesn't hurt that I absolutely adore her in her new show Elementary :)

  11. HA! Said the same thing about Adele last night. Finally - a dress and hair I would wear. Love her.

  12. Mopey Matthew! I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was not
    liking him! Perfect assessment, robe and all!
    downstairs?! Interesting. I can't decide who I dislike more, Thomas
    or O'Brian. Should be a good dual! I too felt bad for Edith. I wonder how she will recover? Bitter, angry, depressed, vengeful or with her head up and ready to conquer the world!!

    Didn't watch the globes. Sorry. I just can't do it. But I love your reviews of the dresses.

  13. I love the dresses you showed and thought Adele was just the most adorable winner up there, she just seems so real! I like Lucy Liu's dress, the talent to see a fabric and know just how to showcase the print JUST SO. wow. I was proud of our local 'boy' Paul Rudd for injecting some humor into the show when it was clear the teleprompter wasnt working, poor Selma (I think) didn't know what to do! I was tired of all the dresses that showcased the "side-boob" and there was one in particular that made the bust look like duck beaks, that I really didn't care for.

    1. Yes, Jennifer Lawrance wins this year for strange looking boobs. So weird. It was the dress mind you.

    2. Also in the "strange boobs category" I thought the mint green dress (pale redhead whose name just escaped me) at first glance made it look like her boobs were very droopy, but then you'd see cleavage and it wasn't and I thought Halle Berry's dress made her chest look very lop-sided (though again you could see if you looked closely that it was just the dress)...but my husbands first thought was WHAT IN THE WORLD which made me chuckle... cause Halle Berry could wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous.

    3. I had the SAME THOUGHT about Halle's rack as it was represented in that dress. How weird was that?!?!

      Still trying to decide who TRULY won the 'Golden GLOBES'...


    4. So, I just watched the clip you posted, D. HI-LAR-I-OUS - but then Jennifer won, and I woke my snoozing husband by saying too loudly: 'TORPEDO BOOBS!'

      Just so you know.


  14. Fun!!! I love what you posted. I have a hard time though with some of Spring-ish dresses/colors. I think Nancy's blue and Taylor's plum are appropriate for Jan. Not a fan of Julianne's for some reason. I think Lucy's is fun...I thought the same thing...wallpaper/bedspread but I still like it. You=Adele, PERFECT. <3

    DA....OH MY. Am I just stupid or did anyone else NOT see that coming? I gasped when he left her at the alter. I feel so sorry for Edith. The family was so sweet though. I liked the scene where Cora told the sisters to leave and then she lay down next to Edith. That was sweet and motherly. Matthew's whining annoyed me too. I stopped the DVR and told Dave I think Matthew should just shut up and take the money. He was acting so self righteous (or something). Do you think their shared "ownership" will eventually cause friction between Matthew and Lord? I do. I also gasped when it ended last night. One hour is NOT enough.

    1. You are exactly right - Cora telling her that she is being tested and that makes you STRONGER was very real to me. I loved it.

  15. One more thing. Matthew in the robe. Horrible. I'm laughing hysterically that you think he looked chubby LOL I didn't think so. I just don't want to see him in a robe. The ladies....they sleep in such fancy gowns.

  16. Sorry, one more thing. I almost cried when they removed that beautiful wedding cake. :(

    1. Yes. Removing everything was interesting. I liked the discussion downstairs about Edith. Mrs Hughes has a chip that is slipping.

    2. it made me want cake real bad :-/

  17. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Love your Globes recap! Loved Anne Hathaway's dress. Loved the color of Jennifer Lawrence's, but not the strange bodice. I bet you and Adelle would be good friends. She, too, seems so genuine. Until you posted the picture, I didn't notice the hilarious purse that Helena Bonham Carter was carrying. Certainly unique. When Jodie Foster was giving her (too long) speech, did anyone else notice the strange look Mel Gibson had on his face??
    Downton was so good! Poor, poor Edith. I suspected he was going to leave when the camera showed his face when Grandma arrived at the church and was being less than kind. His face showed a struggle, I thought. I agree that darling Matthew was whiny, but I do like that he had scruples about accepting money that he didn't think was rightfully his. I think many people (myself included) would take it in a heartbeat if it would save face for our families. I'm impressed with his sense of right and wrong. Even though I was less than impressed with his robe. :)

    Mary Z

    1. Oh Mary. You make me laugh.
      Yes. It's a bodice. Not boobies.
      I loved that Anne's dress was two pieces. Boy does she wear clothing well.
      Jodie and Mel. Well. One thing I will say is that Jodi is loyal and I love that about her. Mel Gibson has been treated unfairly. So many people have done TONS worse than he but he said a slur about the wrong group (in Hollywood) when he was drunk and they will not let him forget it and have ruined his career over it. Robert Downey has been forgivin for his addictions....and I thought it was wonderful to see him kiss Mel on the cheek. Perhaps a few sympathetic friends in high places will help him. I know 'oh you poor sad multimillionaire, I feel so sorry for you." and yet I do.
      That Ray Lewis killed a person!!! And he is a hero. (Ravens)
      Sometimes I hate much as I love it.
      I'll think about that tomorrow....

    2. I'm still here - I looked at a clip of the speech, and thought that Mel was looking at Jodie like she was his personal guardian angel. I am guessin' that he is grateful for steadfast friends. Well I hope he is. Now I really must go look at Anne Hathaway's dress.

      Correction: I should be in the kitchen completing dinner. argh.

    3. Susan. You are my constant.

    4. :-)

      ~ dinner is in the oven! Should be on the table in 30 min.

      and I still want cake

    5. I really want that cake. ;)

    6. Anonymous6:37 PM

      It was a beautiful cake!!

      Mary Z

  18. A few dresses I liked: Richard Gere's wife wore a pretty dress. I noticed it when they were being interviewed. I also liked Nicole Kidman, Rosario Dawson(the color, and the bottom, not the top) and Natalie from the Today show had a very pretty dress. Nothing really popped out at me as being the most gorgeous. However, Angelica Houston was my pick for the worst of the night. What is up with the RED lips and the pale face? About Lucy's dress. Now remember, I do a lot of sewing. I have made a lot of dresses in my day. Her dress was TOO long. I thought it was too wide. That style could be done in a solid color or different print and not so wide, and it would be pretty. I really like the pockets.

  19. I agree, 100% with your picks and pans! Surprised? Probably not.
    I had to skibble by the Downton news, as I haven't seen it yet. Hoping to watch tonight.
    Mark and I are in the hospital waiting to see Alexandra before she goes in for surgery.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hello Susan from another Susan -- not sure if anyone out there in the world is still unspoiled (so many clips and bits and rumors) - but in case, let's try to keep some mystery ;-)

      I so agree about Angelica Huston -- she drank the kool-aid, didn't she? Helen Mirren seems to be aging gracefully. We'll see if she holds out or not.


    2. Dear Susan, I deleted your comment because I was afraid it gave too much away. Sorry.

    3. Yes, hence my comment about keeping the mystery alive!

    4. Yes. I saw the comment. Got distracted and then saw your comment. I hate to delete anyone for something that innocent. But I really don't want to be the cause of the show being spoiled.
      I had to delete one from another friend last week too.

  21. I love your picks. I did love Clare Danes' red gown. Or maybe the fact that she had a baby one month ago is what fascinated me?

    Will and Kristen made me laugh out loud. TLJ just made me feel sorry for him having to sit through all that fun, party atmosphere awards show. Poor guy. ;)

    And every time I see Hayden Pannettiere I see that little girl from Remember the Titans. My older kids watched that movie 999 times when they were here.

    Poor Edith, but seriously, I could not look at Mr. Wimp every time he was on camera. He was freaky, lovesick, yucky, blah. Sorry my vocabulary fails me. It was just bad.

  22. Anonymous3:38 PM

    This was FUN to read!!! I told Pat of Hayden's dress..."THIS will be one of Donna's favorites!!

    I'm still trying to figure out WHAT Jodie Foster's speech alllll about??? She was so weird last night to me!??

    It's me sis' cindy in case this posts as Anonymous

  23. I laughed when everyone seemed to assume that O'Brien was leaving and went about the gossip, before anyone even went to her for the real facts.

    1. Yes. And how interesting what a big deal it was and how offended Cora was.
      Oh that Thomas, he is in for it now.

    2. It's funny that O'Brian isn't really allowed to defend herself to Cora. She's like an obedient child...

      Yep, Thomas is in big trouble.

  24. I was surprised that Carson was such a ready gossip (and liar!). But I dearly loved his song. Great way to end the episode.

  25. I loved Julia Louis Dreyfus' all time fave! And then poor Edith!!I would love her to find some happiness.Very disappointed in Sir Anthony. I did not see that coming.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Those glad you clued me in on them...really pretty.
    I skipped the Downton Abbey info since we are waiting for it to come out on Netflix.
    love and prayers, jep

  28. Dawn K9:20 PM

    I loved Lucy L's dress (even though Entertainment Weekly gave it a D). I also really liked Clare Danes, Tina Fey's opening monologue dress, Anne Hathaway, Julianne Moore, and Zoe D. Thought Jessica Chastain's dress was a bit weird around the boobs. I mean if fit like my 7th grade dresses fit when I had no chest.

    As for Downton Abbey--poor Edith. How heartbreaking. I really hope she does find someone. It's a bit too stereotypical to have the plain sister be the spinster. In fact, go for one of the servants, Edith. It seems to have workd for Sybil.

  29. I am not a fan of Edith (is anyone?) and didn't much care one way or the other about her marriage, save for the hope she would be more pleasant by having a husband to dote on her. Yes, I thought Mathew's stoicism was nerve racking, and really, what was the point of that plot? However, I do like the show, though not maybe as much as season 1.
    Loved all the bright red dresses last night. Id not care for the heavy brown and burgandy numbers...
    I do love your fashion reviews!

  30. Oh MY. Where to begin... great dress recap. I liked all the hair that was down... Adele would win my best dressed.... and I didn't see anyone who lived up to my annual Golden GLOBES award. :) But Jennifer Lawrence's torpedo boobs were totally weird.

    Downton... man. I'll watch it again tomorrow. I wasn't bothered by Matthew's whininess -- I appreciated his struggle, I guess, and it was nice to see someone with such a strong sense of duty and honor. I love that Daisy posted the letter, though. That girl needs a break...

    I wish Thomas would leave. The character really bothers me - the negativity is just intolerable. Just when O'Brien seems to be growing a conscience, he picks a fight. And MOSELEY. Egads, Moseley. Go find something to do!

    Edith: First off, how about that DRESS?!?!?!?!! What an absolute stunner. I liked it better than Mary's. That train thing attached at the shoulders?!?! WOW. Just WOW.

    When the processional started [Purcell Trumpet Tune for anyone who cares...:)] I said to Scott 'oh NO. Look at his face. He's going to bolt!'. I feel for her -- that feeling of hopelessness that's so compounded by not having anything meaningful to 'do'... cousin Isobel was totally right about her needing to find someone to help or serve. Very Biblical advice, there. And what about Ethel??!?!! I keep expecting them to start singing 'Lovely ladies.. smell 'em in the air..'... :) I wonder what the surprise is with her -- another baby?

    Such an incredibly satisfying show. I just absolutely love it. And cousin violet won a Golden Globe! As it should be! :)

    Thanks, Donna dear! Love it!


    1. a hearty amen from me to all of the above. spot on.

    2. i loved edith's dress the most too. lovely. thomas, agree. matthew, agree. mosely is just kind of a dope isn't he. what will happen with daisy this season? and how much futher could they drag out this ethel thing... for reals.

  31. Katie feels as you do about Thomas. She doesn't like the downstairs fighting at all.
    I feel for Thomas for some reason. More than O'brian.
    Torpedo boobs. Yup.

  32. if i were in the audience i would have looked just like tommy lee jones. will ferrell and kristin wiig did not impress me, i did not even smile. they are just not funny to me.

    i liked all of tina fey's dresses. i almost always like julia roberts more casual look for awards shows. i hated anne hathaway's dress, i don't think it was very flattering at all. (and also on a sidenote, i feel like everytime i see her interview, she is acting... who is she really?) i love adele, it must be very hard to be a big girl in such a skinny world (and i think she looks slimmer since the baby). i loved lucy liu's dress. jennifer lawerence was my favorite hair and makeup, but weird boobs. i liked megan fox's (she is a weirdo) dress, i would have worn it for my wedding. and claire danes looked fab all around. dennis quaid's face... yamma hamma. and mel gibson looked strange everytime they showed him, it made me wonder what kind of drugs they have him on to try to even out his mental health (i think it might need a little tweaking).

    matthew's whining did not bother me (his "who farted" annoyed face did) i can understand his struggle, and find it hard that mary can not even understand it one bit. i can't believe she opened the letter after he said so adamently that he didn't want to... and while it was the outcome everyone wanted, i don't believe the words "thought it unfair a dead mans last words would never be read" she just wanted it to justify using the money to save downton. and it did. poor edith. please tell me they will find her a good love in this series somewhere, or a meaning of somepoint (i was hoping she would marry him and he would die and her money could save downton. for her to become downton's savior would please me - i can identify with a black sheep anywhere), poor poor girl... i adored her dress and veil, even more than mary's. thomas, that snake. and did they decide to drop any story line about him being gay, or is it being edited out in the pbs version and still there in bbc? lord grantham did the right thing with matthew when he saved his sorry rear, it will be interesting to see him take on the role. and was shirley mcclain only on the one episode? with all the talk and hype about her i assumed she would be on more than 1 episode. what are they doing with sweet daisy? i am anxious to find out. and sweet carson and mrs hughes. can we get bates out of jail please, it seems a little jump the shark to me.

    1. i am so long winded. geez.

      this took me so ridiculously long to write... we had to run to the potty about 50 times in the last hour. and poop still started out on the floor instead of the potty. lord help me, poop on the floor makes me very angry.

    2. I loved reading your wonderfully long winded comment!
      Thomas' gayness will be a big story line in this season. He said so on a talk show.
      I HOPE Shirley is gone. She was a plant for clever bantering and I did not like it.
      I read she was in two episodes. We saw two episodes the first night according to Swiss Susan. (Let's just call Susan Swiss Miss from now on. Okay?)
      Yeah. I fast forward thru Bates' scenes. Sorry.
      Someone who loves Zoolander did not like Kristin and Will. That's odd to me. Ah well.
      I do not like Anne H. Either. She seems fake to me too.
      What you said about Mel. So funny. I have a soft spot for him too.
      You know I prayed for Robert Downey, nightly when he was so sick in his addiction. Isn't that werid. It is an interesting thing to me when folks have every blessing on this earth....but are still so empty and lost. (Need Jesus)

      Any way....

      Love hearing from you.

      Tell Asher that his daddy once pooped in my red slipper. He thought it was the little red potty chair.

    3. we like mel gibson. soft spot indeed. the first thing i noticed when they started panning the tables at the beginning was that the huge champagne bottle was planted right in front of robert downy jr's chair... i said "ah geez, plant the huge champagne bottle right on front of the addict, would ya?" i think it must be very hard to live that life with those issues. i love and respect so much anyone who can beat that, and cheer for them unendingly - even when they falter - like mel.

    4. Your Swiss Miss here - not sure if you'll read this, but no more Shirley MacLaine on D.A. She's finished her gig.

      Thomas indeed has more light shone on his preferences (pc talk here).

      That's all I'm gonna say at this point :)

      I was wondering if anybody else commented on D.A. and so glad you did Melinda -- I love your point of view, even though on a few points I disagree - but that's what makes it interesting! :)

      Matthew's "who farted?" look - ahh perfect, love me some Joey Tribiani

  33. Hi Swiss Miss!
    You have quiet a store of tv and movie references. I'm so glad you can come here and use them all :o)
    I did not get that fart ref.
    I am so very glad Shirley is gone gone gone!

  34. Finally had my afternoon cup of coffee - and it is almost 7 p.m. here!

    I'm here for ya, babe


  35. Oh MY there's a lot in this post! And such a conversation after! :) Glad to find you here. I'm with you on Lucy's dress: amazing. And yes lots of sour pusses in the audience - Tommy Lee. I tweeted through the whole thing to my quiet little audience of 2 :) XOXO

  36. Angie, I tweeted the Globes too... Mostly it was talking to myself. I need to start following you on Twitter! Why am I not!? :o)

  37. Ann Hathaway's dress was simply and fab, I too loved Lucy Lu's dress, outstanding. Hailey looked hideous!! I also loved Stacey Keeblers Dress - my style! I missed the actual show due to Downton Abbey though . and I have both of my daughters addicted to DA as well now :-)

    Poor Edith, will she ever find happiness, she did not deserve to be left at the alter. Her dress, head piece, veil - soooo lovely. And I too am glad Matthew will stop whining about the money although that country cottage looked dang appealing to me !!

    1. Yes!!! That COTTAGE! Oh man. I'd live there in a minute!!!!!!

  38. Michelle Dockery really needs to wear some undergarments in this dress and on Downton Abbey. She is extremely thin and guess she doesn't think she needs any bra, but really, she needs to rethink that. I liked all your choice of dresses except Lucy Liu's. It would look better pasted on a wall. Really entertaining post.

  39. The Brits seem unworried about lower boobies.

  40. I had to scroll quickly, because I haven't watched Downton Abbey yet, but I wanted to read your take on the awards!! :) I never watch, but it's fun to see what others say and think! What I think is kind of cool is that so many of those women look like regular women...not crazy tiny, unnaturally thin ladies. They look healthy. Nice to see. :)
    I will have to come back to share in the DA stuff another day!

  41. I have to say a big THANKS for turning me on to Downton Abbey! I started this season as it came on and I'm trying to catch up with Season 1 on Netflix. Don't know what I'm going to do about SEason 2 as it's not on Netflix argh!!!!! But one show and I was hooked. It's sort of easy coming up on the back end and knowing a little bit about what's going to S1 is about Matthew and Mary and how they're obviously going to come together. Anyway, thanks for saying how great it was!!
    As for the GG, I didn't watch them. Thanks for some photos on what to and not to wear. Watched the Good Wife that.
    Ideas about how to see Season 2 of Downton Abbey!

  42. You can borrow season two from the library. You can purchase it.
    Try Hulu.

  43. Thanks for the ideas...will check those out!

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