Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Movies You Should See...I think you would like them. In my humble opinion.

I love movies.  I went to twelve movies this year.  Most were good.  Some were very good.  A few were amazing.

I actually saw many of the top 20 movies this year.  This is because I went to a few action flicks.
And I liked  them :o)

So here goes.  Movies I think you would like...cause I liked them.

1. Lincoln

I like history.  I love Lincoln.
This is a smart movie perfectly acted and filmed and written.
This movie taught me more about Lincoln and what a great man he was....and a bit tricky too.

This one wins best movie of the year for me and for best actor. (Daniel Day Lewis-acting genius)

2. Les Miz and Argo tie for second place.

Argo is another historical piece.  It was engrossing and well done. (although they missed the boat on the 70's music.  Hire me.  I could do this.) This movie taught me that sometimes people are heros....they are very good at their jobs, save lives, go completely un-noticed.  Risky Business...for reals.

Les Miz is for those of you who like the musical Les Miserables.  It is deeply sad and sincerely acted.
Emma thought Anne Hathaway was spectacular.  I was completely taken in and liked it very much.
But I am going to say something unpopular.  I missed some of the story.  I missed talking.

Yes. I know.  It is a filming of a musical...an opera.  I don't think it could have been done better.  I hear people slamming Russell Crowe for his bad singing...and I really couldn't tell it was so bad.  My ear is not sophisticated.  I didn't get from him what his real story was...and I don't know if that is because of poor acting or not hearing all the words.  I am sorry they didn't use an actor from the stage.

I will watch this movie again.  That says something.
But you should see it.
I am probably wrong in my thinking.

3. Spiderman

I liked this Spiderman very much.  Andrew Garfield is a cute and earnest Spidy.  I like the swinging.
I liked the story.  For the first time, I really liked Emma Stone.  (Remember how her hair really bugged me in The Help?)

Source: neonpunch.com via Donna on Pinterest

4.  The Avengers

This was all new for me and I loved all of the characters.  Iron Man and The Hulk were my favorites.
I oooed and aahed all the way thru it.  Squealing and giggling and embarrassing Katie.  It is very entertaining for action movie newbies like me.

5. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Sweet. Warm. Touching.
India. English Actors galore.

Worth a rent.

6. Bernie

This is an oddball of a movie.  But it is funny.  We all liked it.
I think my sister Cindy hated it.

As I predicted, Jack Black has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best Actor.

Other movies I have seen and didn't dislike...but don't really think I'd tell you to watch them...

Moonrise Kingdom, Hunger Games, Brave, MIB3, Here Comes the Boom.

Movies that are out right now that I really want to see soon;

Silver Linings Playbook, This is 40, Django Unchained, The Sessions, Hyde Park on Hudson.

And while I am at it.  This is my favorite find this year.  I was fascinated, mesmerized and delighted to stumble upon this piece of ART in 2012.


(Pushing Daises copied the styling. Just saying.)

What did you love this year as far as movies?
Feel free to shout out your faves.

I like to watch.