Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Real Life.


Our little girl is playing club volleyball. She plays for a small team called OTT.
Club volleyball is an 'out of school' team.  You pay to be on a club team. Tournaments are held on the weekends.  Around here, girl's volleyball is very very competitive.
Making the high school team and staying on it is very difficult!

Katie is playing because she loves volleyball and she wants to improve.
 For now, she learns, she plays, she gets exercise and makes friends.

We shall see what happens in the future...a lot depends on if she grows :o)


And then there are hours and hours of school work...


Some people don't have to work very hard.
And some people do.


Do you see Ginny?

Here is a quote for Branson and any other gloomy Irish folks among us.

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy."

~W.B. Yeats

What happens matters.


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Sweet Ginny's nose! Have a virus at our house, no fun at all. Hope and pray all of you at QL stay strong and well. love and prayers, jep

  2. Get well Jep! Thank you for the darling bag from your town and the articles and note!

    1. Anonymous3:42 PM

      So glad it all got to you! Stay well there in beautiful people Wisconsin. love, jep

  3. Oh, Donna. I confess to being a bit like that Yeats quote. Irish, through and through, I am!

    Brennan's playing club basketball, and it is hard work for him to get school work all done and do what he needs to for conditioning and practice. He works very hard, and it is not always possible. It's a lot of pressure, this club sport world, but he has dreams of future playing, too...also dependent on how tall he grows...so he keeps working hard. It's 7:30 a.m. here in California and he is off running the hills of our neighborhood. It's becoming REALLY clear to me why I never played club sports (-:

    LOVED the comments from yesterday. Opinions! I love strong opinions!

    Jep -- you and yours are in my prayers. There are nasty viruses going around this year. Hope you and your grandbabies are healthy soon. Also praying for HMBAlison and her son as he settles into boot camp.

    Happy Tuesday, all!


    1. Agreeing about the great comments yesterday (and today!) LOVE them.

      Not loving the fact the Jep is ill. Lord have mercy, adding my prayers from over here.

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Thank you each one for the prayers. love, jep

  4. Irish here on both sides and have the fair skin to prove it ! Counties Tyrone, Kildare and Wicklow. The quote hits too close to home for many family members. I read where phych Dr's. say there is an overwhelming amount of patients who have issues with drama and guilt that are of Irish decent. Maybe too many carbs? Potato soup and beer !

    I used to love Volleyball too, but only played in school PE classes. She has such long legs, I am sure she will sprout up soon.

  5. Janice10:04 AM

    Great Yeats quote!

    With legs that long already, I'm guessing she'll end up pretty tall. Being on a team can be so fun! Good for her.

    p.s. i'm so happy to be able to comment again :)

  6. Love her sweatshirt!!!! xoxo
    Makes me miss you both even more!
    I do think that most of us have to work very hard.
    They might just make it look easy.
    Yes, what happens does matter.

  7. We have found that our kids learn quickly how to manage their time wisely while being on a team. That alone is a great skill. I'm so excited for Katie. How fun!!!

  8. That's it!! It's too many carbs!!!!!! My Irish half often helps make sense of my Norwegian half....

    Love that leggy girl,

    Di - I wish Tyrese had an ounce of Bren's drive. Not so much.. not yet, at least. It would take a move of the Spirit for that young man to voluntarily go running.

    1. Tyrese and I are made out of the same cloth, Steph. I would have to have a tidal wave or a really bad guy chasing me to get out there and run in the freezing morning (or any day on steep hills.)


  9. So it's the Irish I have to thank for my "abiding sense of tragedy" and for the same in several of my daughters? Actually,I think they're part Irish (from Daddy), but I'm not sure I am. Maybe I have a German sense of tragedy:
    “The life of every individual is really always a tragedy, but gone through in detail, it has the character of a comedy.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer (I'm not sure I agree with that statement.)

  10. Amy J in WI11:09 AM

    Carrie is playing club v-ball too....do you have any tournaments up this way? Perhaps we will meet up at one - that would be super fun!

  11. Amy. We DO play in Fondulac!!! Katie's team is 14U.
    Even if they don't play one another...It would be wonderful to be there with you.

    Fondulac Feb. 10th

  12. Hello from sunny Half Moon Bay. It's a balancing act doing what you love and managing the rest of life...For me in middle age I struggle to balance letting go, letting change happen, and finding the joy even when things change and I don't feel ready.

    Finding a cozy place like Quiet Life where "everyone knows your name" is a comfort.

  13. Speaking as an "EEK it's a ball, cringe and hide" kind of girl, I'm so impressed and proud of Katie. I pray that she finds time and ways to make it all work, with your guidance Donna. And that she has FUN.

  14. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Oh my word. That Yeats quote describes my Irish/Croatian family. Seriously. Good grief. LOL

    Donna, I've always admired your blog because you talk about your real life. I love your honesty and how you always find the beauty no matter what.

    P.S. I really need to make time to catch up on DA. 114 comments yesterday and I feel like I am missing out!

    Susan and Mary Z. thank you for your kind comments about Sophia yesterday. :)

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      You are very welcome, Sarah!

      Mary Z

    2. Hi Sarah :-)

  15. OH So nice to see Katie playing volley ball. ROTATE we used to yell when I played years ago.

    SHe has such long skinny legs ! Im so jealous .

    I seen Ginny boos nose....she wants that sandwich

  16. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Don't think I'm a gloomy Irish, but I am related to some of them... Love the Yeats quote.

    Not sure what position Katie likes to play, but every team needs a libero -- and liberos can be height-challenged! But I agree with the others about her long legs, she's bound to continue sprouting!
    Molly's team is on a waiting list to play in a tournament in the Dells over President's Day weekend, so we may be heading to your neck of the woods soon.

    Good luck to Katie juggling work and play!

    Mary Z

  17. Oh, that Irish quote is rich!

  18. I LOVE the last picture with the Ginny's nose, close to Katie :DD !!!
    Your girl is really beautiful, Donna.

  19. can you send any hints my way for great indoor volleyball photos ?


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