Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday's we shall talk about Downton Abbey

I'm letting you all know now.  I will chatting about Matthew and Mary and Edith and Cora....

If you are not able to watch this weeks show.  Avoid my blog on Monday's.

That Mary peeked...and Matthew did not,
expertly written.
Touching. Lovely. Romantic.

All of my favorite things.

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When he said his heart was about to burst out of his chest.

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I loved this scene.
I can't find a better image of it.  But I will watch it again today.

Tivo is my best.

Anna's words of encouragement to Bates...
Matthew befriending Tom.
Mary and Matthew.
Matthew and Mary.

Lovely headband. Vintage 1830. Diamonds.

I did not like Cora's mom.  Dreadful.
But Cora shone last night.
She was perfect in comforting her husband.

No one was shy about talking about his poor decisions tho...and that was kind of funny.

The whole thing with O'Brian and Mosely (remember when he got drunk last season) and Thomas is boring.  Out of all of them...I like Thomas best.  Shocker.
The badly working stove bugged me.

Branson was too rough at first and I'm glad he was convinced to bend a bit (morning coat),
everyone else is needing to bend for his sake.

I absolutely enjoyed the lighter tone of this season premier.

Kind of wish I could have seen a bit of the honeymoon.
I think Bates will be freed. Don't you?

I know too much, due to accidentally seeing a few spoilers...but I will not spoil a thing for you.

But one thing I do not know is the outcome of Bates.

You can watch Downton Abbey on
You can watch on Amazon Instant Video.
You can rent or buy seasons 1 and 2.

It is just so good.  I loved last nights season premier.

What did you think?

Downton is back.
So delighted.