Friday, January 04, 2013

I did it.

I have, for about four years, tried to do a 365 photo project.  I have never completed it before.
But this year, due to the help of Instagram, I was able to take a picture every day of the year.

I did one on Instagram and I am having a book made out of that task and I have gathered 399 pictures in a Set on Flickr.

Miz Boo's 2012 Flickr Set

Now, if you can not see the pictures all you have to do is ask to be my contact.  I will accept you and you will be able to see my pictures.

Here is a favorite from each month of the year.



Katie's first 3D

Living & loving









I did not mean to favorite pictures of my family.
But I guess that is just me.
Of course my favorite pictures are of my family!!!

And Cheryl.  She is an honorary Glyman girl :o)

One day soon, I will force myself to choose a picture from each month that is NOT a person.
Then you shall she my cup of Chai....

Other favorite from the year 2012

Favorite Concert: Mumford and Sons
Favorite Morning Show: Hoda and Kathie Lee (Best host chat on television)
Favorite Night time show: Downton Abbey
Favorite Drama no one is watching: Person of Interest
Favorite Comedy: Cougar Town ( one is watching)
Favorite New Comedy: Go On.
Favorite Movie: Amelie
Favorite Book:  Bringing Up Bebe
Favorite Cookbook: Smitten Kitchen (because the brisket turned out great)
Favorite App:  Instagram
Favorite Quote:  Add to the Beauty.

That's all I can think of right now.
Feel free to share your faves.

I am switching the comments to blogger comments this weekend....
Hopefully all who want to comment then will be able to comment.

I would love to hear from all of you.

Happy Friday.  Happy New Year :o)

Encourage one another,