Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go Pack Go

I have been a very bad Packer fan.  I have been discouraged all season due to so many injuries and a horrible start with that tragic faux-ref end zone call.  I have been Debbie Downer Packer fan.

Tonight they play San Fransisco. Patrick Jr. will be there.
It is the second play off game.

Everything is on the line.

And to that.....Katie says....





Get. Tough.
Get. Tough.
Get tough, big team.
Get Tough.


Once a cheerleader,
Always a cheerleader.


  1. I am not a football girl - but as your friend I truly hope your Packers will make you proud.


  2. How could we not be Debbie Downers, Donna!!! The Seattle td, non td had to rip the heart out of every Packer fan!! After that debacle, I dazedly walked up to bed that night--I think midnight est. I slipped on our wood floors and fell, luckily into bed, but I cracked my head hard on the wall. Not only did we have to hear about it all week, I had to feel a huge knot for the rest of the week, too.
    Tough matchup today; they are physical, we are finesse. Hopefully the outcome is good. It has been a real tough year. A victory tonight could wipe all of that away.
    Cheering for the Pack in foggy Maine!!!!
    Go Pack Go!!!

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Oh my! That picture of Katie is awesome -- as is Katie!!!

    As a Chicagoan, it's hard to say, but I wish your Pack the best. I think we need to see one of your high school cheerleading pictures! :)

    Mary Z

  4. Big Apple, Long Banana, I'm a girl from Indiana-----That's a lie, that's a bluff, I'm from Georgia, that's enough !! Go Falcons !!

    Old cheer from an old Grandma ! I have noticed you haven't had the old Pack enthusiasm of past years. If they win tonight, I am sure it will be back full force.

    Have a GREAT weekend Donna !!

  5. Today, it is GO PACK GO..... tomorrow... it's GO PAT'S GO!!!!!

  6. IM so rooting for the PACK tonight and through the Season. GO PACK.
    I love Green Bay area, Door County too. Have to love the Pack.
    (IM so sad to see My Lovie go......)

  7. He was so well liked. So long lovie.

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    We love football at our house and will pull for your Packers, sorry Di...I know you like the 49ers.
    You are still a cheerleader Donna, but now you cheer us with each blog entry.
    2, 4. 6. 8...who do we appreciate? You, Miz Boo!
    love and prayers, jep

  9. I'll be watching from home. And my oldest daughter, the one who got me following the Pack, will be watching from her postpartum room, initiating her new baby girl (my first grand baby!) to the joys of being a Packers fan.

  10. Oh how exciting!! Congrats!

  11. I always have to cheer a little when your Pack plays. Our Ravens pulled it out long and hard a few minutes ago! My husband's favorite, the Redskins, lost last week. :( I was sad, they are my favorite too. But I'm really happy that our city will be turning purple this week - it's so fun!

  12. Love it! Nothing like a fan who loves his or her team!! :) That is a great picture...her hair and her boots, the purple and green in the middle...I love it!

  13. Katie really is amazing - she is an awesome gal. I'm impressed with her jumping abilities and the way she rocks her boots.

    I just read about the game on line - I am so sorry. Bah.

  14. It looks like you are really happy about your packs, you are the lucky one.runescape accounts

  15. You were a cheerleader?
    I was the cougar mascot.
    I know.
    Very scary.
    The things one does when they are young.


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