Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My blurry world.

At least when I am looking thru my camera.


Katie and I took the tree down on Sunday.  She said how sad the tree looked all dark and lightless.
I said, well...let's put the lights around the back door.

And so I did.


It's just the right amount of light for TV watching.
Not so good for knitting.
But that's okay.


This morning on the way to school it was really foggy in our small town.  It's a bit of a valley.
The sun was coming up.  I was dying to stop and take pictures.  But we had just exactly the right amount of time to get to school on time.

I knew it would be mostly gone when I came home.  And it was.

I drove to a field to try the Lensbaby on some snowy fields.


Yesterday I took this picture at Target.

colorful food copy

I took it with my iphone.  Then I made it a painting in Photoshop.

colorful food copy-5

colorful food copy-4

You can see it better close up.


I had a follow up with my Urologist yesterday.  My kidneys are looking fine.  The little stones he saw six months ago have not changed in size and I did not grow new ones.  I do not have to go back for a year.  That's pretty good news.

Cougar Town returns tonight.  It has changed channels.  It is now on TBS.
Like I have said before, I love this show.  It is a combo of Scrubs and Friends.
The show is not about 'cougars', it is about friends and family who are funny...and well...they drink a bit.
So a heads up if you want to watch a funny show.

That's all for now, from sunny, blurry Wisconsin.

Lots of love,