Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who the Man? I'm the Man!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

This movie, Beast of the Southern Wild, is nominated for an Academy Award.
This little girl, Quvenzhnae Wallis, is the lead actor.  She is seven.  She is a miracle.
This earnest, beautiful child carries this movie like Tom Hanks did with Castaway.
She is nominated for an Academy Award also.  I think she should win. It seems wrong for one so young to win such a big award.  But, I am telling you, she does something none of the other women do, she is Hushpuppy.

If you would like to read Roger Ebert's column follow the link below.

Roger Ebert and his review of Beast of the Southern Wild

The littlest survivor.  Hushpuppy.

You can rent it.
I did, from Amazon Instant Video.

Who the man?


  1. I watched this movie last night and she was amazing.

  2. Donna: you said it wrong. You have to put your cajun accent into it. It's "Who da man?" "I da man!"

  3. Thankful that I can now rent movies thru Amazon on my kindle -- up until Jan. 1 2013 I could not over here, due to some agreement that was waiting to be reached.

    Whatever, just rented this :-) Sounds great!

    Thanks Donna!

  4. ha. I listened twice. My northern ears heard the I'm. hehe....I'm listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. I recommend you do that too!!!

    1. I hear I'm too on the clip - must be my far northern ears (Alaskan born)

      Yudda man Donna

  5. I just watched the clip and had chills all over. I will watch it today,! (if I finish organizing)

  6. SO many movies and so little time!!! THanks for the great recommendation though...:)

  7. I just read Roger Ebert's review. WOW! I also saw this little girl on the news this morning. Ann Curry is doing an interview with her tonight. She is adorable!

  8. I want her to win because I love her hair and she reminds me of my Kaish.

    I can't watch the preview at work, but I will tonight when I get home. I am so happy I can comment here at work now.

    I always like to say hi to you.

  9. I love her hair too. You will love her spirit.

  10. Will watch soon. She sure is adorable!


  11. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Have heard so many good things about this film -- glad to hear you concur. I can't wait to see it! My goal is to always see the films nominated for best picture as well as those where actors/actresses were nominated. I'm almost there!

    Mary Z

  12. Roger Ebert gave this movie a glowing review, and I'm glad to have seen it. Yes - this child is the entire movie. She is fabulous and I think her performance deserves the Oscar. I didn't love the movie, but I did love her.

  13. I love your movie recommendations!!


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