Wednesday, January 02, 2013

You'd never guess....


This beautiful, tall, graceful girl is in the Navy.
She makes her family very proud.
I have heard many stories about her...
It was wonderful to finally meet her and take her pictures in her happy place.
On skis.




She liked this one.  I do too :o)


Her momma likes this one :o)


This is my favorite.  Sweet spirit.  Strong woman.


This one looked good in the back of the camera.  On closer inspection it was blurry.
A moment in time.

I took pictures in the lodge and at a table.  Lots of them.
But once she put on her skis....she was at home.

So happy to meet you Liz.
God be with you as you go off to serve.

Encourage one another,

Photo info.
Iso was at 400.
Aperture was 1.8
I used the 50mm lens
The shutter speed fell at 1/1600
It was cloudy.
I had her face the snow and NOT the dark buildings.