Friday, February 01, 2013

A cow.

I have not taken many pictures of cows.  For some reason, dear Jep remembers this one.  It was taken Oct. 2010.

Pretty baby.


DSC_9377-5 copy

Here is Katie bringing in the dog.
I liked the boots with her dress.



Today is school spirit day. Yesterday Katie was practicing her tough guy football 'makeup'.
I am sure it helped in wrangling GinGin.


Source: via Andrada on Pinterest

This is what the curlers look like that Katie uses.  She sleeps in them.  Never in a million years could I sleep in curlers.

This morning I woke up to "I Got You Babe."  Right when the radio when on.  It was funny.
They are a day early.  But I appreciated it anyway. (Groundhog Day)

Everything is better for me with a movie reference.  I'm sure many of you know that the football player from the Blindside, Michael Oher,  is on the Ravens.  He is going to the Super Bowl.   This was just the perfect reason for me to cheer for the Ravens on Sunday.

Go Ravens.

( never cheers for the team that took ya out.)

And just so you know....


This is how you keep your head warm.

Happy Weekending!
Be Awesome.

Jilly aka Donna

p.s.  I'm trying different names to find one I like.


  1. "Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today."

    love that movie.

    Your cow is cute.

    Have a good weekend everybody!

  2. Holy buckets. -8. The dog won't even poop. He'd rather be in his crate. I don't blame him! I didn't know that Michael was on the Ravens. I have completely zoned out since our guys lost. But I love him, so I will cheer for the Ravens, in the game I won't be watching. :) That movie is very special to our family!!

  3. What ? You silly. DOnna is a great name

    THat is the cutest cow I've ever seen..

    Is GInny boo excited for Westminster next weekend??

  4. I love that you are trying out new names. I rename my kids as nicknames. It is odd that Marcella is called "Judy"; Max is called "Bo"; and Marina is called "Deena". I am a strange Mom.

  5. Donna: can you connect me and Stephseef on Facebook through PM. I tried sending her a message through facebooks's email, but she may have thought it spam. Thanks.

    1. I called her right after I saw your comment Rosa.
      I know she would be so happy to talk with you.

    2. Thanks, Donna. She PM'd me and I responded. Much appreciated. I gotta give you some dates too, so you can check for conflicts with VB. I will tonight.

    3. Oh! Goodie!
      Thank you!!

  6. My sister had super curly hair and she slept on ORANGE JUICE CANS to straighten her hair. I guess she got all the hair fiddling genes in our family...I am NOT a hair fiddler.

    No comment on your team of choice for the Super Bowl (-; What evuh!

    I love cows. Who knows why, but I do. I especially love the rapidly diminishing half a cow that is in my freezer. Yumola.

    Happy Friday all. Prayers continuing for Alison!


    1. I really wasn't going to cheer for anyone. But...I will cheer for both sides, okay?
      Then I will change the channel and watch DA.

      Funny comment about the cow.

      Just yesterday I was thinking of buying a cow.
      Once Aunt Bea bought a cow and it was tough.

    2. There would be no contest for me, if I were state-side. DA all the way -- but of course I'm not much of a football fan.

    3. Our cow is the best tasting beef I have ever had. And being able to go "shopping" for dinner meat in the garage? Best idea we ever had. It's a little shocking when you pay for it upfront, but absolutely worth it. We're doing it again in August!

      And are you talking about Aunt Bea in Mayberry, or did YOU have an Aunt Bea?

      I totally get not cheering for the team that took you out. We're just such RABID 9er fans (my dad played poker with John Brodie a million years ago) so we are beyond excited here. My problem? Finding a Super Bowl gathering where the women won't be expected to chat while the men watch. I won't be chatting. I wish we could watch at home, but we have wonky TV reception. (First world problems to the max, eh?)


    4. My husband would never watch at someone's house.
      There's no talking in football.
      Aunt Bea from Mayberry.

    5. That movie is special to me, but not as special as you are, Di. :) So I will hope for a happy day for you. Blurgh.


      Love you! Mean it!

    6. Donna, can't blame you for not rooting for the ones who took you out. BUT GO NINERS! Di, the last Super Bowl I watched was 10 years or so ago, but we're awfully pumped about this one. I know I will not be able to concentrate on it though because we can't watch at home either and I will be trying to wrangle my two small children at my friend's house. Hope you get the full enjoyment wherever you are Sunday... oh, and I still owe you an email from a couple of years ago :-P Sorry I'm lame! :^)

    7. Cyndi KG4:13 PM

      Di, I used to sleep on orange juice cans as well to smooth my (mostly in my imagination) frizzy hair. I remember my scalp ached in the morning! The price of beauty!

  7. Try out all the names you like, but I hope you end up keeping Donna. You've made it a lovely name.

    1. Lori,
      That is the nicest comment. Thank you.
      My middle name is Elsie. Like Elsie the Cow. It is fitting to tell you that today.
      I started liking Elsie better when I read Elsie Dinsmore.
      "Now I'll never be like Jesus."

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    My internets is running wonky today. I blame it on the weather. I can't see any of the pictures you've posted. Boo!
    I do love cows. Just looking at them makes me very happy.
    What the Super Bowl means to me: food, commercials, food, what teams are playing again?? Its the only football game I watch all year.
    My family is big on nicknames. We have many!
    Have a good weekend, Jilly and QL family!

    Sarah P. from I ain't goin outside today, Iowa.

  9. I'm so glad you reminded me about Michael Oher. I will be cheering for him er the Ravens. Joe Montana is OUT. ;)

    I could NEVER sleep in curlers. I need everything to be perfect in order to get some sleep. LOL

    You remind me of Ina Garten. You should go by Ina. It's cute.

  10. That is a wonderful compliment, Janet! Thank you. I love Ina.
    I emailed her in the late 90's and she emailed me back :o)

    1. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I adore Ina. My daughter gave me an autographed copy of Ina's latest cookbook for Christmas. Love it!

      My Mom would make me sleep in the pink foam curlers when I was a kiddo. Ouch!

      Debbie from frigid Illinois

  11. Anonymous1:14 PM

    My comment disappeared...alas I will just say thank you Donna for your great cow photographs. I was so witty in the last comment....probably not as witty as I remember. Stuffy head and all, but I am determined to get over this virus. love and prayers, jep

  12. macfromlouisiana2:03 PM

    Absolutely love the picture of the cow! But I don't think you can post a bad picture!

    Nicknames are great, but I'm from Louisiana so it's a given that we are all about the nics down here.

    I'll be working this weekend, so won't be watching the SB. Kinda sad that our team had such a comeback and then bombed this year especially since it will be played in New Orleans. I'm more excited about the next DA episode!

    Happy Weekend to all.

  13. Anonymous2:40 PM

    That is so funny! When I was little, I pretended my name was Jil. One "L".

    Not too much longer after that, I grew to appreciate and to love my name, specially chosen by my beloved mom and dad!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  14. Loved. loved that movie, I usually watch only for the commercials but they seem to Preview them all now days ahead of time ;-(
    Always love your photographs, Ginny and Katie are so photogenic! and you're so talented. Ravens beat out our team (Pats) but I think I'll cheer them on anyway .Happy Groundhog day (loved that movie too)

  15. Sonjasunshine3:08 PM

    Katie is just adorable. (so is Ginny, of course.) I LOVE Katie's football makeup. But she makes me cold with those bare legs in the snow!

    I'm so glad you mentioned Michael Oher - I had forgotten he played for the Ravens. I was already planning to root for the Ravens since Alabama has a few graduates on the team & I'm a die-hard Bama fan.

    One of my favorite of your pictures is one of lovely Emma - I think it was just her face - perfectly lit with a black, shadowy background. You gave your camera settings and everything. It was inspiring. I'd love to be able to take a photo like that. You are always inspiring!

  16. I love cows - to pet them, to photograph them (though, not often), to eat them. ;-) I'd love to have one some day - though, not for eating because I don't think I could ever slaughter one that I raised and love - but for our very own raw milk. That'll probably never happen.

    Katie and Ginny... such an adorable pair!

    I'm going for the Ravens, too! I want to cheer for Ray Lewis... didn't realize that Michael Oher was also on the team (I'm not a big football follower, I just kinda pay attention for hubby's sake). Blind Side is a great story. Now, I'll cheer for them both!!

  17. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Adorable cow and adorable Katie and Ginny, as always! Love Groundhog Day! I remember laughing so hard in the theater -- mid-90s, perhaps?

    The Super Bowl is kind of an afterthought for us this year. Molly is in her first musical (Beauty and the Beast) which opens tonight and has a Sunday afternoon matinee. We're squeezing in a few volleyball matches Sunday morning, so I suspect the couch will be beckoning by game time! Blind Side was a wonderful film. Perhaps a 10 kleenex one. Thanks for the week of fun and inspiration, Miz Boo-Donna-Jilly!!

    Mary Z

    1. how wonderful for Molly. And you!

  18. Cyndi K G4:58 PM

    I love Groundhog Day -- one of my favorite movies. I think it is all about redemption.

  19. You guys are so great!! Love reading all if your fab comments!!
    Go Molly!!

  20. Sandybee5:22 PM

    If you haven't heard about or seen 'Upside Downton Abbey' on YouTube, you must go and find it. It's with the muppets. Need I say more?

  21. You're so great. :)
    I love Katie's dress, boots, and the mark on her knee. She reminds me of my oldest. Girly-girls who don't mind climbing trees a bit. :)
    And those curlers...I must ask you, do they work and do you like them? We found some on Amazon that look very similar, and my daughter wants to have curls so badly, and I told her I just didn't know about them...what if they didn't work?! So...are you a fan (I know you don't wear them, know what I mean)?
    Thank you!

  22. Katie does them herself. They work great!!

    1. This is good to know...thank you! :)

  23. I'm always late to the party with my comments, but, oh well.
    I love, love calf pictures. They have the dreamiest eyes, I think.

    The first thought, when I saw Katie in her cute dress and boots, IN THE SNOW!!, was, "Heavens, if I wore a dress on a cold day like that, my leg hairs would grow an inch and I'd have to shave."
    Yeah, I thought so. Sorry.


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