Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Abbey. Oh what a tangled web we weave....

A little news on top to keep the Downton Abbey spoilers out of sight for a bit.

Katie's volleyball team played in a tournament on Sunday in Fond du Lac.
This the town of Angie and Jack from Seventeenth Summer, don't cha know.

They played and they played for forty dayies, dayies....

Well. It just felt like that.  I sure like volleyball.  The girls had fun.  Won some. Lost some.
My friend AmyJ and her daughter Carrie were at the game!  We even played them.  That was such a bonus.  How I loved getting to meet Amy's nice friends and chatting and watching the girls play!

Ginny is still at her doggie day care so I have a day off today doggie duty.
That's nice.


Warming up.

Still. Playing. VB

Eight hours later.

Downton Abbey.

This episode had more twists and turns than Lombard St. in San Fran!

I thought these two episodes...shown as one here in the States were very well crafted.
I enjoyed seeing how the characters all worked in their own ways with their own motives and hearts to do the right thing by Thomas.

Like I said a few weeks ago, the writers can turn a character on their head in just one episode.
I swear I said I hated Branson a few weeks ago!

Time seems to be flying at Downton Abbey.  I can not believe next week is the end of the season.
Next week it will speed thru many months in two hours.

Here are a few things I think about after last night?

Will Thomas be good now?
What surgery did Mary have?
Interesting that she could not speak of it in front of her husband.
Why does Edith always have to have someone with issues?  Mr. Rochester.  Bummer.
When did Branson become the empathetic diplomat?
Are they calling the baby Sibby?
I think it is sad that the Dowager has such terrible motives...but things usually turn out well for her schemes.
How she says a kind thing and then gives a very hurting jab.  (Like at the dinner table last night with Edith.)
I wasn't really interested in the flighty young visitor.  Why did that taxi driver come to tattle?
Lord Grantham says that if he hollered every time some boy tried to kiss him at Eton he would be hoarse!!  What a revealing comment about upper class boys school society.
Wasn't it weird how they showed the baby being taken care of by nanny's....passing by...
oh look...there's the baby over there....this was peek into life with a baby for the upper class.  This along with the jabbing comments made to the Dowager from Mrs. Crawley.
She was kind of cranky last night.  Frowning quite a bit.

Many wonderful bits and pieces from last night.

O'Brian.  What a devil.  Will the writers make us like her?
I sure wish Cora would let HER go.

The clothes were so pretty.  The colors, lovely.
All the girls are so slim, that drop waist looks very nice on them.
But I can tell you that style does not look good on a girl with an hour glass figure.  At All.

I can't wait for you all to fill in my gaps and offer your splendid,  jolly opinions!

What did you think of last nights episode?

Your jolly friend,


  1. Amy J in WI10:11 AM

    It was great seeing yesterday. I love talking with you :).

    I am going to watch all the Downton Abbey episodes this summer so I can then participate in your discussions. I am always a little of it...

  2. It really was Amy!! Katie was tired this morning.
    How is Carrie? Our drive was not icy on the way home.
    What a relief!

  3. Well, here I am - It's 5:10 p.m. here and I should be ironing. Instead I've been refreshing QL for a glimpse of the low-down on Downton.

    First: I must say on behalf of the Dowager Countess: When she looked out the window and saw Ethel covering her face, while in tears - I think she was truly moved. Of course, Violet is a fav of mine, so maybe I'm putting a good spin on it.

    2nd: When Thomas said to Mrs. Hughes "I'm afraid it will shock and disgust you" and she said kindly "well then I must hear all about it" - my heart warmed to her even more. Talk about extending grace and a ear to listen to his problems.

    3rd: The look on Cora's face when she said to Branson "it was good of you to play" after the Cricket Match - just made me turn to mush. When he asked about staying at Downton til Sibby (short for Sybil I guess) was older I tear up every time when she says of course. The whole scene is lovely.

    I have a son-in-law that I adore, and I always think of him at this moment (because yes I've watched the Cricket Match episode about 6 or 7 times). It's been a pleasure to see Tom settle into his role in the family.

    Can you tell I've been dying to share?

    Finally (for now, I'll think of more surely): love the Cricket match costumes and set and well, just everything. Mosley is a stitch.

    Fav quotes: Violet ... "I am never wrong"

    Bates: "don't be a big girls blouse"

    O'Brien: "get back in the knife box Miss Sharp."

    Mrs. Patmore: "Daisy, Ivy, stir your stumps" - just cracks me up.

    Last but not least: you are an awesome Volleyball Mom, Donna - so glad you got to see your friend and have folks to enjoy the day with.


    1. P.S. -- I have long wondered what Mary's "problem" might have been ... perhaps a blocked tube? It is funny that she is squeemish to discuss, just like her Father.

      The scene at the end of the Cricket Match when Lord G. Branson and Matthew are a happy trio, smiling. Just makes me beam. I literally smile at the television. Sheesh.

    2. I do think Violet is tender hearted... But has 80 years of 'tradition' she sees everything through at first.
      I love her. But she does manipulate things.

    3. You are right. She's a complicated little lady who gets the best lines. She and Cousin Isobel are hilarious together.

  4. Janice10:25 AM

    I didn't know it was going to be a 2 hour show last night, what a bonus! Of course, my boys, who ignored me all day, needed all my attention last night so I need to watch it again this week to fill in the bits I missed.
    The dresses make me so happy this season! I loved the lavender theme at the christening.
    They shouldn't have let Thomas stay, send him on his way with a recommendation.
    I don't care how they write her, I'll never like O'brien.
    I think becoming a father (single at that) has softened Branson's political fervor. ...we can finally start calling him Branson again...

    That's all I can think of for now...did I mention I love the dresses?

    1. YES the lavendar dresses: LOVELY!

      I agree about Branson - his view of the world and his place in it has significantly altered since Sybil died and he became a father.

  5. Did anyone else think that Edith's new interest, the editor, looked very much like a younger version of the man who jilted her at the altar? Handsome though.

    I'm going to have to go back and watch season one again to compare but I feel like the way there is so much uber drama with individuals that it is playing out more like a soap opera now than before. The show doesn't have the same feel to me without a broader, objective view of the whole. (Not sure if that explains what I'm trying to convey...) As soon as one little drama is zipped up, on to the next without much residual carry over like real life has. It's moving too fast or something. Does that make sense?

    Also, the baby needs to cry once in awhile. Does anyone ever have a baby that is wrapped in arms cooing or sleeping all the time? Maybe the wealthy do? (I loved that exchange about parenting between Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager!)

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      I agree with Edith's new interest - my first thought was that he looked like a younger version of Sir Anthony. Should be interesting to see how that situation turns out because of his insane wife.

    2. Like button: "it is playing out more like a soap opera now than before."

    3. Anonymous4:41 PM

      I thought he looked like Sir Anthony, too. I think the editor looks too old for Edith as well

      Kristi in LV

    4. It Is a soap opera - with butlers and maids - right? I've always thought so. But I still love it.

  6. Not my favorite episode.

    I loved Bates and Anna walking together surrounded by verdant greenery. Curt said, "Garden of Eden."

    And I loved the poignant moment at the table when Branson convinced LG to go to the christening. Branson shone in that scene.

    Mrs. Hughes is the most kind-hearted woman. Clearly my favorite character.

    But the whole Thomas/O'Brien/Jimmy/Alfred thread was...sigh...yuck. Thomas has been so evil through all three seasons, sucking his cigarette, and now we're supposed to cry for him? I felt for Bates at the end.

    I feel yanked around by the writers. My husband says he is done with Downton.

    1. hitting "Like" button for the table scene pre-Christening -- Branson spoke from the heart and it was precious.

      Also loved the light-hearted moments with Bates & Anna - some lovely dovey stuff and painting the place was sweet.

      I think in a show like this, you have to keep the Thomas's around to keep things interesting -- to bring friction. Without him and O'Brien it might be too peachy. Just my humble opinion.

    2. P.S. AMEN to Mrs. Hughes and her kind heart. I've said it before but it bears repeating, she is the people glue that holds the downstairs together. LOVE her.

    3. Julie4:13 PM

      I forgot about the moment between Toma and LG. He's really stepping up to the plate since Sybil's death; I'm impressed with the direction Tom's going.

    4. I agree with you, Carol. Starting to feel yanked around. Inevitably, a popular television show becomes preachy and a vehicle for agendas. (Just look back at the popular shows of the past and how they changed over the years). I am also not liking how the writers are playing out the Thomas story. I don't think it is realistic either. Imo, LG *never* would have explained "he (Thomas) was made that way...etc." because they most definitely did not think that in the 1920's. That's where the preachiness comes in. I wish the writers wouldn't mess with the good thing they started.

    5. As television shows go, at least from my experience, it's still a cut above the majority of things out there. Realistic or not, it's entertaining, at least I think so.

  7. Wow. I understand.

    Here is what I just thought of. Each week. The writers 'MUST' do something dramatic.
    Instead of a story about a flower show, we have death, murder, secrets, back stabbing.
    Instead of a storyline about a cricket match, we have some big dramatic episode.

    A novel is planned out from the beginning to the end.
    Downton Abbey is drama at lightning speed and because of the nature of a longish series, they
    have actors coming and going. It really is more like soap opera writing than Jane Austen.

    But I do love it so much.

    1. My sauce is simmering - just remembered the part about Cora looking Lord G straight in the eye, in a calm measured voice, and telling him to get his head out of the past and that Matthew is right about the Estate. She was Awesome in that. Yay Cora!

    2. Stated perfectly, Donna.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      It is like wonderful, delicious candy....I can't get enough of it. I do love it so, too.


    4. Mary --- pushing the LIKE button :-) You and me both.

      I too loved the way Donna summed it up, above

    5. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Yes, Donna is a jolly good writer, isn't she? :o)

      Mary Z

  8. Well, here I sit when I should be starting dinner. True confession? I'm watching D.A. right now - Matthew is in the jazz club taking charge with Rose - I love him in this scene. I look forward to reading more comments after my kitchen duties!

    1. I also loved that. He was the perfect "big brother" who takes charge of a silly gel.

  9. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I didn't know it would be 2 hours until I turned on PBS. That was a nice bonus! :)

    My thoughts:

    Cora finally takes a stand with the estate and LG. I love her for that! She has grown a lot on me this season.

    Tom Branson's brother....ugh, did not like his character and glad to see him gone just as quickly as he came. Just added a bit of drama, I suppose.

    Thomas, why? Just why?! I think he just feels sorry he got caught and told on, not truly remorseful. Wish they would just write him out of the show but he is the antagonist after all. Same with O'Brien. I never liked her, never will. Truly.

    Branson, I like how he's matured so much. Grief can do that, so can having a purpose (helping with the estate now) and he is handling it much better than his S1 and S2 character would have.

    Also wondered about Mary's surgery but again, not surprised that Fellowes took that one "off stage". The scene at the doctor's in London...the surprise, the sweet lunch...that part was well written!

    Dowager and Cousin Isobel...they are quite the odd pair! Sometimes at odds, sometimes not. Conspiring against each other and then helping each other the next scene. It is fairly believable they way the writers do it but sometimes it does irritate me. Just get along or not already! ;)

    1. Julie4:19 PM

      I agree about Thomas. He'll be grateful for 30 seconds and then be right back at it (but where would the show be without Tom and O'Brien?).

  10. I don't think Thomas is a good guy now, but he is beaten down and is therefore a more sympathetic character, rather than pure evil. That would make him one-dimensional and boring.

    Lord Grantham is becoming a bit of a pill though, no? All that petulant sulking and drink slamming and storming out. Big aristocratic baby.

    I do love having Branson's brother there to shake things up, though his scenes made me cringe. I was so uncomfortable and stressed over what he might say. But it did push Tom to side with the family.

    Did anyone else reflect on Mr. Bates violently flinging aside the tablecloth or whatever that was, and then taking Anna in a rough manner? Was it meant to show passion, or was it a hint of something darker in his soul? Hmmm.

    Poor Edith. I fear she is always going to be Poor Edith.

    The dowager is, and always will be, my favourite. The way she delivers her lines! I'm in awe.

    1. Such good comments. I was alarmed by Bates violence....and then the kiss. Hmmm

    2. Janice12:25 PM

      Big Aristocratic Baby! Ha! Perfect!

    3. Anonymous2:05 PM

      I think it shows that Bates is a changed man from severing his time in prison.

    4. Julie4:21 PM

      I agree that LG is quite the pill at the moment. His decision about the staff are really going to change the dynamics of the household.

    5. In the beginning Bates was such a gentle, reserved fellow and always such a gentleman with Anna. I think that little rough bit was some important foreshadowing once again.

    6. Julie4:22 PM

      P.S. I'm going to have to go back and watch the Anna/Bates thing. I was busy folding towels and only heard the dialog. Hope he's not going to become one of the bad guys. Also - interesting that he needs his cane again now that he's out of prison (and didn't seem to need it there).

  11. ps The young niece is just meh for me. However, I like the clash between tradition and the new age of the flappers, etc.

  12. As much as I hate to say this....I wasn't thrilled with last night! It just seemed like to much for 2 hrs. Of course, I wasn't feeling well so my mindset may have altered.

    I hate the storyline with Thomas. I didn't even get the cricket thing - did they ever mention cricket before? It suddenly seemed like such a big deal but I don't remember every even hearing of it (but maybe I missed it).

    I probably need to watch it again. I get confused. Where did the young girl come from? Was she on before?

    But I did get quite a few chuckles out of some of the lines.....And not happy that it is almost over already!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous12:33 PM

    First, thank you all for reminding me about the Mrs. being a title for the ladies downstairs. I remember reading that the first season. (Last weeks comments.)

    I wonder if the Thomas scenario would have been met with so much grace in real life? (since these are real people, and all. ha!)

    I also didn't know about the 2 hr episode, I might not have started it at midnight!!! Yikes! I will have to re watch see what I didn't catch since I was so sleepy. I didn't want to miss out on this weeks comments! I got to go out to a fancy dinner with my cousins in town for my sisters wedding weekend.

    I also thought that Violet had a true moment of compassion when she saw Ethyl in the village.

    I loved when Branson told LG that with the combined skills of LG, Matthew and himself, the plan to save Downtown would work.

    Poor Bates.

    I wonder if at some point Anna will figure out what the "The Lady Grantham's soap" comment means.

    O'Brien is AWFUL!!!

    I LOVE Lady Edith's soft finger waves in her hair. BEAUTIFUL! That girl can never catch a break.

    I love the off white in the cricket scene.

    I would have much rather had more Daisy screen time than the niece nonsense.

    That cottage was awful! It looked more liveable in the end.

    Does anyone know, historically, did the downstairs get paid money on top of having all there physical needs met? Just curious.

    It is interesting how much control Carson has over the lives of the young staff. That they had to have permission to go see a movie in their free time.

    It is an interesting glimpse into the life of a baby. So far, we haven't seen either grandparent hold her.

    Kristi in LV

    1. Grandpapa held her in the picture....with the Priest!! :)

    2. Julie4:26 PM

      Yes, the SOAP! I'm surprised Thomas hasn't used that before now...wonder how long it will take for that to come out more fully.

    3. Anonymous4:50 PM

      That's right he did! I love that eyeroll l g did when it was suggested that the priest was asked to be in the photo.

      Kristi in LV

    4. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Oh dear, when I post from my phone, because it takes so long to type, I seem to have trouble forming a good sentence. (Suggested, asked)

      Kristi in LV

  14. If have to tell you, friends, that I busted up this morning by something my husband said. I can't even remember what it was, but he said, "The L. G...."

    Last night I had said that we call him the LG in the comments.

  15. Good episode. Liked seeing Bates and Anna reunite after prison, and fix their place up, it was quite charming by the end. Surprised to see Bates come to Thomas' rescue, and think Bates realized he may have gone a bit far. Seeing LG and Matthew and Thomas join in a laugh and camraderie at the end of the cricket match was excellent...reminds us all to ride through awkward/unpleasant in-law moments, you never know how they may end up. Seems like there are an awful lot of servants in the house, more than I remember from the beginning, hope they aren't blowing all of Matthew's money but if he is looking to cut some waste, well, might want to look around the servants table (start with O'Brien.)

  16. I feel like I need to watch it again. I think maybe Mary had a blocked fallopian tube. I have no idea how they would know how to check that back then, but it is one of the first things they check for infertility now. The test they do now involves some dye and an x-ray machine (resonance imaging?) to watch the dye going through. Sometimes the flush of this dye can actually clear a blocked tube. It is a bit painful, not an operation, but perhaps it is something they could have done back then. No idea how they could do it without modern technology.

    I loved the visuals this week, the lavender dresses, the cream cricket costumes. Matthews cricket sweater had one line of turquoise in a V at his neck, perfect to bring out his blue eyes. I found it very interesting that the staff and the nobles play together. The outdoor shots were lovely green as well, a feast for the eyes. Also it was very nice to see Anna with her hair mussed (while painting) and Bates all cleaned up and out of prison garb. I really wondered where he and Anna would get the money to fix up their new cottage. Do they make enough to save a bit.

    What a dilemma for Edith. Will she choose to stay away from the tragic Editor? or will she do something unconventional? She drives a car and writes for a newspaper, so I'm guessing she would push boundaries in the love department as well. Donna is right that if everything went well for the family, the story would be boring. Got to have some added drama in there to spice things up a bit. If the writer of this series were Jane Austen, the Crowleys would throw a ball so that poor Edith could find another man.

    1. You are right. They are not a very dancy set are they?

    2. Julie4:29 PM

      You're so right about the ball! Perhaps the difference is that Cora is from America and doesn't seem to be as pushy as Austen's mothers.

  17. Holy Moly, was there a lot of drama in last night's DA episode. At one point, I asked my husband, "Is it two hours tonight?" He said, "No." Ha, he was wrong. What a nice surprise. I wish Mr. Carson would get rid of O'Brien, and I am not much of a fan of Thomas either. Interesting how there is more sympathy for him in his sin, than Ethel, and her sin of prostitution. am glad there will be a glimmer of hope for her future. I hate that Thomas has come out in a better position than ever after being finally totally humbled. I hope his character is not so evil anymore. Poor Edith, and her men. Hope she does not go there. I loved all the one liners that cut to the quick last night.

    1. PBS had two episodes rolled into one. Super-sized.

  18. Anonymous2:37 PM

    "What is the Scarlet Letter? It sounds most unsuitable!"

    So much to love about last night's episode. Like others, I didn't know it was two hours long and, since I didn't start until 11:30 p.m. (after finally finishing the DVRed Grammys), I am mighty tired today. But once I started watching, I just couldn't stop. My love for Branson was solidified. Lady G and Mrs. Hughes gain more of my affection each week, and I loved seeing the dog back in the picture. Matthew and Mary - so sweet and tender in their scenes together. I get a kick out of how Catholicism is viewed, and don't take it personally at all. :)

    Mary Z

  19. "Sometimes I think it is Jimmy 'contra mundi'" -- a most delicious reference to Athanasius. Contra mundi = against the world. Back in the fourth century, Athanasius fought for orthodoxy in the early church. Someone said, Athanasius, the whole world is against you! His reply, famous to this day, is "Then, Anthanasius is against the world."

    1. Wow. That line was written for the clever few like you who would catch it :)
      Thanks for the lesson!!!

    2. I was only proud of myself for correctly translating the Latin. I didn't have a clue it was a reference to Athanasius. Yes, thanks for the lesson!

  20. Not clever, just a geek. I can't wait to hear Stephie's response. Well, in my head, I can hear her squealing!

    1. Where is that Steph? She's usually here by now. Maybe she's extra busy today.

    2. Julie4:09 PM

      I wondered that too but recall she mentioned her husband having a test (MRI was it?) last Monday. Hope all is well--sending up prayers.

    3. Steph was out of town singing over the weekend. She was not able to watch Downton yet.... So she is staying clear until she has seen the show!!
      She'll be back.

    4. 9.21 pm reading comments now. Finally watched. Loved it all but I think it was the weakest episode of the whole season. Scott and I LOVED the 'contra mundi' reference. We are dorks. Which means you are to, Carol.

      More in a bit. Still catching up.

      (Who is feeling uber loved for being missed!!)

    5. I love the dorkdom...:)

  21. Julie4:08 PM

    I felt almost out of breath after last night's episode; it just seemed like they tried to pack too much into those two hours. I could hardly digest one bit before they were off to another.

    * The whole mess with Thomas (I must be a prude). It surprised me how many characters just shrugged it off or accepted his behavior (but love how Mrs. Hughes continues to show kindness to those who need support--both Thomas and Ethel last night).
    * Bates going to bat for Thomas and then LG taking it a step further; Bates may live to regret intervening.
    * The whole flapper cousin storyline seemed inconsequential to me--perhaps just a means to an end for Matthew and Mary to end up in the doctor's reception at the same time?
    * Branson's brother - glad he was here and gone quickly; just the type of fly in the ointment that makes you glad for the mess you already have to deal with and grateful his visit was a short one.
    * Musical chairs with the young people's relationships downstairs; I wish Fellowes would establish a storyline there and 'then' mess with it.

    * Bates and Anna making a home of their own away from the main house
    * The Dowager and her sharp wit (she wants what she wants, but even so, I do think she cares)--she is such a good actress; loved her expression when fish from Alfred's platter ended up in her lap ;)
    * The costumes both at the christening and at the cricket match. They must have entire rooms as dedicated closets rather than just a wardrobe/armoir!
    * Cora and LG back together again; likewise Mary supporting Matthew with his ideas for running the estate and getting the mysterious health issue out of the way so they can conceive.
    * Mary as godmother to baby Sybil (and LG holding the baby for the photo)
    * Edith checking into the editor's background--hope she makes a wise decision
    * Harmony among Tom, LG and Matthew about running the estate (thanks to the women supporting Tom to step into Jarvis' shoes)

    Hope I can find a couple of hours to re-watch before the final episode.

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      It is weird to go have a surgery done without even discussing it with your husband.

      Kristi in LV

    2. The series, as shown over here in Europe, did not have these two episodes together. They are two separate episodes that PBS in the States put together. Originally you had a week to process the Christening, before the last episode of the season began (Cricket Match). Then, a couple of months later, the bonus episode was shown on Dec. 25th.

      I agree with the comments above, it's a lot to take in for one evening's television viewing.

      (For what it's worth, I don't think Bates is at all a bad guy, he just surprised Anna with a dramatic, on-the-playful-side kiss.)

    3. I TOTALLY agree about the kiss. It struck me as a kiss from a man who is very, very glad to be home. :)

  22. I think I look forward to this commentary almost as much as watching the actual show! I can't wait for Monday mornings here after Downton. I was so excited that last night was a two hour episode and boy did they pack a lot in. I agree that sometimes it seems like a soap opera, albeit a very proper one.

    I was very surprised at how gracefully they handled the Thomas situation. He is a sneaky snake and I wanted him to be fired ages ago but I felt bad that he was tricked. He should be fired for a million different reasons but not for being gay. He is such a good villain and character that I can't imagine the writers will ever get rid of him. Same goes for O'Brien. It just goes to show how great the writers are that they can make me feel bad for either of them, but I do.

    I keep wondering about Bates now. He seems to have a dark side and it has me wondering if he really did kill his wife. The way he threatened O'Brien was a little chilling, not that she didn't deserve it. I wonder if we will see more of this dark side or if it will be another one of the plot lines that suddenly gets dropped.

    The Ethil story line is the first time I have ever liked Mrs. Crawley. She has irritated me since the beginning, but I have a soft spot for people who are willing to show a little grace to girls who find themselves pregnant out of wedlock. Some sins are just more visible than others. I think the Dowager felt genuinely bad for Ethil when she saw her crying on the street. I like to think that just a tiny part of her heart wanted to help Ethil get a clean slate with a new job, but I know 99% of her heart wanted to get a former prostitute out of her family's estate.

    They showed Alfred cooking again in this episode and it gave me a prediction. I think Alfred will finally fall for Daisy and she and he will move to the farm and cook wonderful things and start their own business. I hope anyway.

    Poor, poor Edith. She just can't catch a break. I was really hoping that the editor would be a good suitor but of course not. I keep hoping that someday they will write a good love plot line for her but they never do.

    I love Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes more and more each episode.

    1. Your statement "Some sins are just more visible than others" really spoke to me. I have a son who is gay, and watching the scene between Thomas and Jimmy was difficult. It has been a struggle for me to separate the sin from the sinner, but remembering "some sins are just more visible than others" has been the thought and prayer that has moved me forward. You put it into words very well.

    2. Well as someone who has done my fair share of screwing up, I'm glad that my words could help you. Your son is lucky to have you because you can love him even though you don't understand him.

  23. I like your idea about Alfred cooking with Daisy at the farm.
    I just told Katie that Mosely should go back to Mrs. Crawley's and Thomas should have Mosely's position...NOT one above Bates. Maybe once they realize Ethel is gone...Mosely will get shipped back to Mrs. Crawleys. Hope.

    1. I am the anti-Moseley. I just can't stand the character. What is his job in the house? He needs to GO.

    2. I find Moseley repugnant. I *knew* with all his talk that he didn't have a prayer at cricket.

    3. IMHO, Mosely is the anti-Thomas -- the sweet guy to balance out the bitter, if you will. He is Matthew's valet. I loved all his posturing about Cricket. Carol, you are spot-on ... we could all sense his failure was just around the corner ;-) I like Mosely.

  24. I agree with some of the others- two hours was almost too much to process in one night! Especially with the excellent writing that packs so much into a short time!

    I loved that Branson had a conversation with LG that was actually respected. The "everyone brings what they have to the table" idea was wonderful, and I'm glad LG responded as he did.

    Poor Edith. I so badly want her to be happy, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards.

    I love Mrs. Hughes more every episode. I hope to have that much compassion in my own life.

    Thomas-ugh. The whole time he was going to Jimmy's room I was saying, "this is going to be bad. Really bad." Yep. Again, excellent writing for me to care about such a snake. I think he will be different towards Bates now- he knows that Bates owed him nothing and even disliked him, but did the right thing anyway (typical Bates).

    I didn't care much for the cousin, but it was interesting to see the less-refined part of that time period! Matthew handled it very smoothly.

    Loved the dowager's lines, as usual. Especially the "I'm never wrong" one- my husband and I were cracking up!

  25. Well I didn't even notice as I watched it that it was two hours could go on and on and I just keep watching. I LOVE their styles, their clothes, their colors. I would not want to HAVE to wear that and dress every day and wear makeup to dinner etc. but good grief it looks fabulous on them and their slim figures. I love Anna. I like Bates and I am always grateful when someone is forgiving as I think they will be happier. I still don't like Thomas...never have and that crabby lady from the kitchen that creates problems is a pain. I love Matthew's mother and the fact that she doesn't not just go along to get along and I love her witty remarks. Matthew is becoming a favorite and I like the relationship between he and Mary...and really what was that "little" surgery she had! Right, I caught that Lord Grantham and his story of guys coming on to him in idea what that's about but it sure has him comfortable with the whole thing. I too am saddened to say the least that next week is the finale. I am still catching up on the other 2 seasons and have saved all these on my DVR. I have started watching "Call the Midwife" as one of your "commenters" suggested. I think I love going back in time...but that is nothing new. Maybe I'll start using my English accent!

  26. I just recently downloaded some episodes of Call The Midwife to my Kindle - I'm saving it for my flight to Alaska in March :-) Also I realize that I'll have some after-Downton withdrawal very soon, when all my friends state-side have seen Season 3. I think the Midwife will be just the cure.

    My daughter says I need a Downton Intervention. She's probably right :-)

  27. Did anyone mention or catch LG talking about investment options, when he was desperate to show some leadership and options versus investing in the farm, that he heard about a guy named Ponzi with terrific returns? That made me laugh.

    1. Yes!!!! Oh Lord Grantham.

    2. Yes, at least I caught that reference (totally missed the contra mundi thing they spoke of in comments above).

    3. Yes! I caught that and I was so glad that they talked him out of it. I thought oh no, not again! Phew!

  28. Happy about almost all of it, with maybe the exception of Edith's way too complicated love interest.
    So happy that Tom is staying on and LG has come round to new ways of thinking about running the estate.
    It looks like Mary is pregnant soon, do that's got to turn out better than the last two pregnancies ( i'm talking about Sybil, obviously, and Cora's soapy fall, but i still have yet to watch season 2).
    Have a strong feeling Bates will not be pleased when Thomas does not show his gratitude although it was nice to se some humility from him. Good episode!
    I think, btw, that the flapper cousin also gave us good insight into the family's reaction, which is predictable anyway, when Edith begins her affair with a married man...

  29. I'm late to be writing this, but I going to put my two cents in.

    I didn't realize that it was 2 hours long, so as a result I needed to go to the bathroom during the whole thing! They really need an intermission!
    I loved all of the dresses, especially the outfits during the cricket match! But, did anyone else notice that they seemed to ditch the black clothes so soon after the mourning period. I understand that it is a show (Ha!) and the wardrobe people want to have color and the show needs color, but in those days you were in mourning for at least a year or so, if not more.
    I converted a friend to watch the show and I can't wait to see what she thinks about it all.

    I love reading everyone's comments and insights.

    I love this blog and I would miss it terribly if it ever went away!

  30. Ya know what I wish...I wish we knew more of the sense of time. Perhaps it has been months.
    I know next week will cover many months...perhaps as much as a year in one episode.
    I think Edith was married in June or July...don't you think.
    And it is already the next summer I think. Isn't that when you would play cricket. So we have covered a year this season already....
    Perhaps I am confused.
    Well. not perhaps.

  31. I think Edith was *almost* married in June...
    wink, wink! :)

  32. Carol do you think it's the following summer?

    1. I was thinking that it was the same year - end of summer? because the baby is still tiny. And Cora said to LG (about Mary and the whole subject of an heir) that it was still early days.

      I'm guessing that Mary got married in April? Edith supposedly in June - Baby born in July and Cricket in August? But I could be totally off track.

      A timeline would be really nice in the boxed set! Maybe we should suggest that to J. Fellows.

  33. I watched the show over two days b ause of my schedule so it was a bit easier to digest. I liked it very much, all the ins and outs and plot lines, and beautiful costuming. My sister suggested they added the young cousin just to show the flapper costumes in the nightclub. My favorite line of the show was uttered as the three adults entered the club and one (can't remember which) said , "this looks like the outer circle of Dante's hell" and another replied "only the outer circle?".

    Another fave was the exchange between Mrs. Crowley and the Dowager about raising children. Mrs Crowley set up the Dowager with the facetious lines about her probably having nannies and nurses and only seeing h children one hour a day to which the Dowager replied, straight-faced, "but it was a whole hour! Every day!". I laughed out loud.

    That's all I can think of for now as my husband is doing a line by line reply to the President's State of the Union Address. :(

  34. Also, I had completely forgotten about Mrs O'brien and the soap. What season was that? Why did she do it? I seem to remember she thought she was going to be fired but can't remember what she was trying to accomplish (just nastiness??). Why did O'Brien and Thomas cease being "thick as thieves" and become enemies?

    That reminds me. I like the relationship Bates has with LG where they freely discuss the goings on downstairs. It helps move the plot lines along quickly.

  35. O'brian thought she was being replaced so she left the soap on the floor to spite her. Cora then had a miscarriage. It was a boy. Matthews place was secured once again. I think it was season one. Season two was the war.

  36. Season one was so awesome.


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