Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DWTS: Season 16

Today the cast of Dancing with the Stars was revealed and I groaned thru the first nine names and
squealed with glee at the last two ladies.

So here we have the list and who will be partners;

Wynonna Judd with Tony D.
D.L. Hugley with Cheryl B.
Jacoby Jones with Karina S.
Lisa Vanderpump with new dancer Gleb Savchenko
Andy Dick with new dancer Sharna Burgess
Victor Ortiz with new dancer Lindsay Arnold
Zenday Coleman with Val C.
Aly Raisman with Mark B.
Ingo Rademache with Kym J.
Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
Dorothy Hamill with Tristan MacManus

I, of course, love Dorothy Hamill.  I do not know how she will dance but I am very happy she is on the list.
Kellie Pickler is my second favorite star.  I have liked her since she was on American Idol.
She is very sweet and very ditzy.  She is dancing with Derek so.....maybe she will win!!

I know Wynonna and I think she will add COLOR to the show.  DL Hugley is a comedian and he will add laughs. Lisa Vanderpump will add cleavage....and Andy Dick will also add humor and maybe a little heart.  He tries to get it right...and fails over and over.  Wishing him well.

Everyone else I will have to look up to even see what they look like.

The show premiers on March 28th.

Go Dorothy!
Go Kellie!!

My Dorothy Hamill haircut. Circa 1978

I wonder if this International Student Idenity Card is instead of a Passport...or was needed with a Passport?
It was sooooooo long ago I can not remember.

Between Junior and Senior year at Hilldale College I went to Switzerland, Austria and Italy with a friend named Brenda.    We carried backpacks and stayed at Youth Hostels.  It was a fantastic trip!
She is from Ohio.  She lost touch almost immediately.  We did not argue or fight...I don't know what happened there.  One of those great mysteries in life.

But the reason I am showing you, as I am sure you have already guessed, is because of my Dorothy Hamill haircut.  I started getting it cut this way when I was at Stephens College in Missouri.  There was a very very good stylist who did a fantastic job.  I loved it.

I found a stylist in Ann Arbor Mich who did a nice job...so I was able to keep it up during my Hillsdale years.

After that....I started growing it out again.

And there you have 'The History of The Haircut.'

Wishing you good haircuts and modest darts,
Donna Elsie


  1. You looked darling with your Dorothy Hamill but. My hair has never been difficult, except when I tried for the Dorothy cut. Something about the natural wave in my hair (and my total lack of interest in fiddling with it) that made almost every day a bad hair day. Boing is the word that comes to mind (-:

    But you looked adorable!

    I think someone should do a study of the people who stay in our lives and those that "poof!" disappear. Sometimes it makes sense, but often it seems so random. Aren't you glad you did that trip to Europe when you did? I sure am.

    Happy Tuesday,

    1. I thought I needed that haircut too, Di. The curl in my hair made it a disaster.

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    A very interesting cast!?? and how cute are you with that haircut!
    sis' cindy :)

  3. Amy J in WI10:09 AM

    I have to say that I never noticed how perfect your teeth are :).

  4. I went to a very good orthodontist!
    Dr. Gibbs. Elmhurst Ill.
    Thank you.

  5. janice10:17 AM

    The Int'l Student ID was needed to get all the student discounts on Eurail, etc. I'm sure you still needed a passport.

    Cute hair.

    Have I told you that we have at least 7 teachers at our school from Hillsdale? Our Headmaster loves that school!

    Ingo is from General Hospital, Jasper Jax, and he is a hunk. I hope he can move. I can't wait to see Tristan again ;)

    I only know about 5 of the people on the list.

  6. Very cute hair. You were a Swiss Miss before me :-)

    I had a similar haircut. My hair loved the cut.

    Like Janice I know about 5 on the list. I love Wynonna heaps. Can't wait to hear all about the Season. Maybe I'll get to watch a bit when in the States next month :-)

  7. Cute photo on your ID :) My naturally curly/kinky/wavy hair did not lend itself well to the Hamill haircut but I just had to try it anyway; it's a good thing hair grows rather quickly!

    I had a friend who disappeared as well. We went on vacation together to Colorado when we were about 22 and she loved it so much she moved there. Never really heard from her after that, but there are good memories.

    I had no clue who about half of the "stars" were--had to go look them up on ABC. Derek is always my favorite pro so anyone paired with him gets my vote! I've learned my lesson about guessing who might do well, and just because I don't know who someone is when the show starts doesn't mean I won't really be rooting for them by the end.

  8. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I always enjoy it when your sisters comment...you are so generous to call the rest of us blog sisters, but oh to have real sisters is such a blessing. I also love Dorothy and had my salon professional cut my hair in the Dorothy style. You look much cuter than I ever did. Like Di, my hair did not conform. Dorothy just looked magical out there on the ice with that hair style and her skating skill. DWTS is not something we keep up with anymore. So, I am happy that you will keep us informed. I liked Kellie when she was on AI, but we voted for Carrie Underwood that year. Carrie seemed like the stronger singer and she has done well for herself. Seems like I remember that Carrie and Kellie were roommates at AI. Wonder if they are still friends? Could you not look for your friend Brenda on Facebook? She may be like me and not on Facebook. Maybe she will read your blog and reconnect. Love and prayers, jep

  9. You went to Stephens? I considered going there at one point. We might have met up if I had! Wow... the friendship that might have been..

    1. I went to Stephens for two years and then graduated from Hillsdale.
      Suzy and Cindy both graduated from Stephens....then they stayed in town.

  10. By the way, surprised they didn't add "Channum" or is it Chantam Tatum to the list for DWTS - sounds like he could use the help.

    I could not resist :-P

  11. You brighten my day so much with your posts. I feel like you are a friend that I get to chat with a little bit everyday! Love the hair cut.

  12. I only recognized four stars.

    No Maks. I'm so sad.

    The Disney girl will be good and prob Kellie, Dorothy will be so graceful and poised....and as you can probably imagine, I'm looking forward to seeing if Jacoby can MOVE. LOL

    Your signature today....omg, I'm dying.

    1. I totally missed the sign off and fashion advice - GOLDEN! :-D

  13. Thank you Vickie! I'm so happy to talk away...and LOVE to read the comments!
    Twitter is not so fun for me as I feel like I am talking to myself!

  14. I had the Dorothy Hamill hair cut when I was in 8th grade. Such a cute style!

  15. Best Sign Off Advice EVER.

  16. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Today's sign off is The Huge! Love it.

    Mary Z

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      LIKE sign off

      LIKE The Huge

      S.P. from Iowa :)

  17. I had a Hamill haircut once too. But never, ever perfect teeth. :-(

    I have also been to Switzerland, Austria and Italy, but on two different trips.

    My oldest daughter now lives very close to Hillsdale College.

    And.... I'm soooo happy that Tristan finally got a really good partner so will hopefully stay to the end! Love his accent and his smile.

  18. New dancer with the name "Gleb". Hmmmmm ;)

  19. I never went for the Dorothy, but I did make the mistake going for "surfer bangs" (feathered) after I'd spent a *year* growing my bangs out. My sister swore she knew what she was doing, and she didn't. I looked awful.

    Few pictures survive of that inglorious haircut.


  20. Love the Dorothy cut on you. I have extremely curly hair so I could only admire that one from afar.

    DWTS sounds like AI. No one I want to watch this year. I do like Dorothy and Kellie, though.

  21. Anonymous3:49 PM

    A friend told me today that Anne H. planned to wear a different dress and changed at the last moment, because the dress she was going to wear was so much like one of her co-stars from Les Miserables. I think my friend said she read it somewhere or saw it on TV. Still seems like someone would have pointed out the "darts."

    1. I heard that too Jep!

    2. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Must be true then and kind of sad for her, too. jep

  22. Laura Kleffman6:31 PM

    Love Kellie Pickler.
    Andy Dick makes me uncomfortable most of the time.
    Wynona seems very similar to Kirsti... maybe i'm wrong : )

    Love reading your blog : )

  23. Your Hillsdale reference surprised me. I guess I haven't been reading long enough. Two of my siblings went to college there and one lived there over a decade. Sweet little town that seems full of people who care for each other.

  24. You always make me smile or laugh out loud! :)
    I don't watch the show, but my mom is crazy about it! I can't believe it's been on for sixteen seasons!

  25. Laughing here: good haircuts and modest darts!

    I have not had a good haircut in years. :(

    I avoid darts if at all possible!

  26. Anonymous12:56 AM

    OH My goodness Miz Boo,

    You made me laugh so hard with the modest darts comment that I actually switched browsers to come and comment. Comments wont work on the other browser, but your page is so much bigger over there, so that's where I read. Such a shame, I loved that dress besides those tacky darts. Anyways, happy haircuts and modest darts to you, too.

    Kristi in LV

    P.S. I always love Fun Facts with Patrick


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