Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A very lovely quote for another snowy day.

"For small creatures such as we
the vastness is bearable
only through love."
~Carl Sagan

Jep shared this quote with me.
Isn't it beautiful!


The only thing I wanted to take pictures of yesterday was Katie.

Katie and the wind.




The never ending snow and gray clouds are getting to me....
I do not feel inspired to shoot the outside at all.

But Katie girl and her vivid self cheers me up.

Wishing you a splash of color and abundant love!

Encourage one another,


  1. Yes, me too. I have not picked up my big camera in much too long. I adore the Carl Sagan quote. And that coat is perfect to bring out Miss Katie's eyes.

  2. Hello, I'm sitting here on the loveseat with the laptop because I do NOT want to take my dog out to walk in the gray coldness. Seriously. I'm ready for some sunshine. I bought red tulips last week and they are still cheering me up a little - perhaps I need to up my vitamin D intake :-)

    Katie with her lovely self in that pretty coat are very cheery indeed.

    Happy Wednesday to all ...

  3. This never-ending gray winter needs to LEAVE. NOW. It's getting to me, too! Woke up to glorious sunshine and blue skies yesterday, but it didn't stay long :::sigh:::


  4. Sending you some of my sunshine from Half Moon Bay--it's supposed to be in the 60s here today and tomorrow.

    You have to promise to send me some of your sunny weather this coming summer when I complain that I've been socked in by gray drippy fog for yet another day.

    I have happy news to share. My son called and left a phone message from Marine Boot Camp yesterday. He and his fellow platoon members won an important drill, so he got to call home. I missed talking to him in person because we weren't home when called, but, gosh, it was great to hear his voice.

    1. That is Wonderful Alison! I'm sorry you didn't get to speak directly, but how great to hear him - and of course you can listen again and again :-)

    2. Anonymous12:12 PM

      So glad you got to hear your son's voice, Alison! Now you can play that message whenever you want! God bless him for his service.

      Mary Z

    3. Anonymous3:20 PM

      What a special gift to hear your son's voice. And, congrats to him and to his fellow platoon members who won the important drill. Keeping them all in our prayers. jep

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I hear ya! Isn't it great to have children/pets to keep our spirits up? I put some body splash on this morning to boost my mood even though we're stuck in the house for another day. It's the little things!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. Anonymous12:14 PM

    What a great quote! Thank you, Jep, Donna and, of course, Mr. Sagan!

    Katie looks like such a little girl in the third photo. Love it!

    Mary Z

  7. I wish I could bottle up our beautiful blue 68* day and send you some. And, in return, you could send me some cool breezes come July. Is it a deal? Love Katie's silliness. She's a beautiful girl.

  8. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Carl Sagan is often quoted in our household especially his "billions and billions" quote. Katie looks so much like your picture from the student visa or whatever it was that you published the other that last photograph the playfulness really shows, too. Her coat is still a favorite of mine, love the colors with her hair. Sending you sunshine and some Son Shine, too! love and prayers, jep

  9. All Ive been is tired this week. Don't like it DOnna Boo. I want to be full of energy. IVe been working often and its so busy. I know that's why Im tired.

    I haven't solved my iphone enlargement issues....but there's time to learn.

    HI Ginny boo


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