Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Facts with Patrick. Salvator Mundi. And Cougar Town.


Last night Patrick asked me if I knew about the newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Christ?
I said, "Jesus?" cause I am getting a little deaf.
He said, "Yes."

So I went to google and found that a painting called Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World) has been recently attributed to Leonardo.

My favorite part of the story.  It's most recent purchase price was 45£ in 1958.
It is thought to have been owned by Charles the First.  The painting was painted over a few times and was a hot mess. It was cleaned up by it's current owners (New Yorkers) aka restored...and what they found under all that paint and goo was this masterpiece.


Although it is not for sale...the painting is worth one hundred and twenty million £.
(Look what I learned this morning.  £ £ £  )

The painting was displayed in the National Gallery in London last year.
For the first time.  The gallery wanted to show it alongside other da Vinci's to see how it measured up.



At the other end of the spectrum.

I, Miz Boo, will never stop trying to get some of you to watch Cougar Town.
It is now on TBS and they are even showing reruns.  I swear to you.  It is not Cougar-y AT ALL.
On or two episodes at the very beginning Jules dated a younger guy.  But it is really like Scrubs and Friends 'put together'.
Gosh! it is quick and funny, nutty and weird.

I love it.

Here is a clip from an older show that was on yesterday.

I want to be on the beach with a warm breeze.
I love this song!

So even if you won't watch Cougar Town with me....

I wish you warm breezes and friendly hugs today!

Encourage one another,
Miz Boo and Patrick


  1. You make me smile! £ £ £

    I had *not* heard about Salvator Mundi. I had not heard about Vivien Maier. And I am thankful to know about both.

    There is a zing to life when you are discovering new things.

    I'm feeling very zingy this week. A connection between the verb rive, to split apart and the noun river just made me soar. To arrive meant to come to shore. And a rival is one you share the river with.

    AND. Temper is a musical term. Like in the Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach. And to lose your temper means to be out of tune.

    It makes my lips numb.

    I've been thinking about Vivien Maier all through the day. HOW could she keep that gift covered up?

    It reminds me of going to a funeral and discovering something wonderful about the deceased that I never knew. It truly annoys me. My neighbor across the street was an accomplished jazz pianist. I only saw him as a lumpy accountant who kept his head down.

    There are hidden treasures all around us.

    1. Such intresting word orgins!!! I love that too!

    2. £ symbol is made with the alt/option key and the 3 key.
      Which is kind of cool cause the 3 is also this kind of #


    3. Donna! You made my day! Three. Pounds.

    4. Carol - I love word origins, which is part of the reason I love to do crossword puzzles (the looking up I do of English and foreign words). Thanks for sharing the zing!

  2. You talked me into it awhile ago. I love Busy Philipps.... she just makes me laugh. This was such a great clip! I had never heard that song.


    1. Busy has a daughter named Birdy. I LOVE THAT.
      Thank you for watching this with me. OH! The flash back this week was great!!! All the meet cutes. So good.

    2. Meet cutes...from The Holiday, right? :)

    3. That's the first place I ever heard of the meet cute. They showed how each character met one another on this week's episode of CT. It was very funny. #bobbywithamullet #planetnascar

  3. Oh, PS... hey Patrick!

  4. I have seen a few episodes of Cougar Town and like it a lot! I have a little baby so it is hard for me to plan to watch anything, but if Cougar Town is on when I'm watching TV, I'll watch it.

    Have you seen Wedding Band on TBS? I've caught a few episodes of that and it is a pretty cute show too.

  5. I've never heard of Wedding Band. I will look for it!

  6. Thankyou for this interesting fact Patrick!! Um, i think the "artist" that painted over a da Vinci earned him/herself a few extra days in purgatory eh ;-)

  7. I have not watched Cougar Town but this clip could convert me :-) What a fun afternoon at the beach. Except seeing someone buried in sand to their chin gives me the heebs for sure. Icky!

    Interesting that you like Go On with Chandler and Cougar Town with Monica :-)

    I'm ready for some sunshine and warmer temps. In the meantime I bought some more tulips today. And freesia. :-)

  8. ... gosh I'm smiley today!

  9. Freesia...such a pretty smell.
    Glad Mon and Chandler both have shows.
    They are very talented!

  10. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I will be booed for my opinion, I have watched Cougar Town and can't stand it. They are like adult high school kids with all their problems.......sorry. I'm so impressed with Patrick's cultural observations! I had never heard of this, so thanks, very interesting. Karen F.

    1. Karen!! It's so funny!
      Remember when your in laws went to see "there's something about Mary!"

  11. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I'm glad the Bings have shows so we are able to enjoy them, too! Matthew Perry is one of my all time favorites.

    P.S. I type these guys for work quite often: £ and €. It's the only way I get to feel European. :)

    P.P.S. Smiley is good, Susan! :)

    Mary Z

    1. Go On, Cougar Town and Modern Family are the only sitcoms I watch.

    2. I LOVE Modern Family!!!

    3. Monica is guesting on chandler's show... I just read about it!!

  12. Thanks, Patrick! I hadn't heard about the new/old painting. It fascinates me that they can take off just certain layers to find what's underneath.

    Remember last year when the church member tried to restore the fresco of Jesus (in a church somewhere in Spain) and botched it. Yikes. It's good the owners of Patrick's painting went the professional route.

    White Collar is one of the few shows I watch and it's on at the same time as Cougar Town, so I've never seen it.

    1. me again, I LOVE White Collar!! there would be no contest for me :-)

  13. I have never heard of that! So many channels, so many shows!

    1. I love White Collar so much I have it on DVD, since it rarely plays here. I remember Cougar Town used to be shown in English on Saturdays and I didn't pay attention -- now I wish I had tuned in.

  14. I love that there are pieces of art still being uncovered!

    And I love White Collar. We only watch what is on Netflix streaming, so I am impatiently waiting for Season 4.


  15. Janice1:47 PM

    "it was a hot mess" really funny!

    such a sweet clip...I have a hard time watching CC with her new face

  16. Darn, I was hoping to buy that painting!

  17. What a cute clip, Donna. And wonderful on that painting.

  18. I watched the cute meet episode on my kindle last night - I enjoyed it, even without background knowledge of characters. Very funny stuff.

    BUT Janice is correct - Courtney Cox should have left her face alone.

    She is a pretty lady but I can't look for very long at her new face - its a bit wonky to me.

  19. I agree completely about Courts face. The character Ellie too.
    Courtney told Ellen that she uses everything!! She is the next Joan Rivers!!
    All the men are wonderfully wrinkly. Isn't that awful,

  20. That's not clear. It is awful that the women overdo it... And the men are comfortable in their skin.
    I wonder why??

    1. Yes its not fair how men look ruggedly handsome as they age and develop a few lines - think Sean Connery - must have something to do with estrogen loss for us gals.

      I just wish women in Hollywood could be themselves.

  21. I am at the Newark airport laughing out loud at 'Jesus?!?!' and 'hot mess'.

    You crack me up.

    We watched the PBS thing on the painting. I think davinci's take on Jesus is too
    Girlie for me. Dude had chops... And when I pray, he seems a bit more powerful than this painting would suggest.


  22. I love Cougar Town...the whole cast, the goofy title and subsequent side notes that accompany it now and the general theme. I haven't really noticed the change in Courtney Cox's face, probably because I can't get over the extremely low cut tops she wears all. the. time. That's what disturbs me...but she is funny and I look forward to the show every week.

  23. Andrea, I am watching the older episodes and enjoying them soooooo much. There are some that are absolutely perfectly written!!! I laugh at every line!


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