Thursday, February 07, 2013

Matthew. Birthday Boy.


He has made his own particular way. 
He loves his family.  
He is a daddy who helps and is present.
He is a husband who cares deeply for his wife.

He is someone that makes me very, very proud.

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons.  And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes.  
~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

With love,

P.S. I am sure this is just for me...because I wanted to write this little wish.
P.P.S. Thank you for the remarkable, warm, wise, heartfelt comments yesterday.  


  1. What a beautiful quote! We have two little-but-turning-big-quickly boys and that quote is just perfect. I want my boys to be heroes to their wives and children and me...and if they're heroes to the rest of the world, then that's gravy. I am the daughter of a good man and I married a good man. And whatever my boys want to do with their lives, my only expectation of them is that they grown to be good men.

    (See? I'm back. Trying to comment more and join this little community.) <3

  2. sonjasunshine10:14 AM


  3. Love that quote! I will use it often, now! :)

  4. Love the photo of Matthew and *his* son. Doesn't it feel good seeing your son be a loving parent to his child? I hope I get to see this with my kids, too.


  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Happy birthday to Matthew! Congrats to you and Patrick for raising a good son. Love the picture!

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      ^^That comment is from me - Mary Z. I tried to sign in without being "anonymous", but it obviously didn't work. :)

    2. LOL. Oh boy Mary. That is quite a code :o)

    3. Anonymous2:59 PM

      I am the opposite of tech-savvy. Your GoodReads post motivated me to sign up. I went to the site only to find out that I had already signed up in 2009!!, but had never done anything with it. Loser. :)


  6. Sweet post - happy birthday to Matthew.

  7. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Happy Birthday Matthew Boucher! I can still remember him riding his bike past our house to head to the gas station to buy treats with the other have every right to be so proud of the man he's become Donna..............Kudos to you raising him up to be that way. Karen F.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!
    You've raised a wonderful man...sons are so precious.

  9. Anonymous12:32 PM

    On our phones and computers yesterday it popped up the memo: Tomorrow Feb. 7th Matthew Boucher's birthday and Vera is coming! I wanted to be here early to say that we prayed a birthday prayer for Matthew and a prayer for Melinda, Asher and "baby trey," but with a two year old it is hard to get to the computer. Happy Day for you Donna and Patrick for having such outstanding sons and daughters. You are blessed!

    Happy Birthday Matthew...birthdays provide us with opportunities for making good memories. Hope you have a good memory making day.
    love and prayers, jep

    1. jep, your prayers for this family are an unexpected, wonderful gift. we are so thankful and blessed by you.

  10. Thank you Donna for that beautiful quote and Happy Birthday to Matthew. That picture is just beautiful!

  11. Happy birthday, Matthew! What a lovely tribute to your son, Donna.

    And: darling picture of Asher and Daddy! Having a little hand in yours last for such a short time, so I love to see hand-in-hand pictures.

    Claire and Brennan have birthdays in the next ten days...February is a great time to have a baby!


  12. Happy Birthday Matthew. Love this post, Donna. :)

  13. lovely.

    we are very lucky.

    to love, and be loved.

  14. Happy Birthday to Matthew! Your post is beautiful, Miz Boo. :)

  15. In late, I wish an happy birthday to Matthew ! I love the sentence about son and heros. :)


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