Sunday, September 05, 2004


Isn't this pretty?

"That is an ant house...a hospital for dead ants."
-Katie Gracie

That explaines everything.


Janie, from the Well Trained Mind board, shared this Hymn yesterday;

A Student's Prayer

But we need Thy hand to guide us, in the studies we pursue.
And the presence of Thy Spirit, to illumine all we do.

May the things we learn, so meager, never lift our hearts in pride.
Till in foolish self-reliance, we would wander from Thy side.
Let them only bind us close, Lord, to Thee, in whom we find very foundtain-head of
wisdom, light and life of all mankind.

-This is just a portion of the hymn by John W. Peterson

Bind us close, O Lord, to Thee,

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