Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Quiet Life; On the road.

Well, we made it. Tuesdays are going to be a very busy day for us this fall.
But we managed it all without any tears or blowups and even ate a home cooked dinner!

Matthew: Didn't we just have meatloaf?
Me: Well, I had ground beef. Do you know what I wanted to make?
Matthew: Hot dish?
Me: Yes. But I thought of you and know how much you hate it. So I made meat loaf.
Katie: What is in this?
Me: Those are crackers.
Husband: I like it.

How's that for sophisticated dinnertime banter?

The men in this house don't really like to discuss things, like I do.

Except the Packers. The Green Bay Packers are a source of constant fascination to the men in this house. Everything about them!

Thank goodness The Pack won on Monday night. We would have had long faces and grumbling all week long had they lost.

Brett: grunt
Ball: zoom
Receiver: ouch

That one's for my guys :o)

Knitting Bit

I was trying to knit socks with two free patterns. It was causing me a lot of grief. So I asked the woman at a yarn store to direct me to a good, basic sock pattern. This is the pattern she recommended.Sock Pattern


As I type this, I can hear Katie singing in the other room.

"I'm gonna take God's promises and hide 'em in my heart.
So I won't forget 'em...gonna hide 'em in my heart"


Encourage one another,

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