Friday, September 24, 2004

Not in a million years

Katie and I converse in the car.

Katie: Mommy, how many days is a million years?

Me: Three hundred, Sixty-Five million days. Why do you ask?

Katie: Lloyd in Space said, "Not in a million years."

Me: Well...if you asked me to go to the store and I said, 'Not in a million years.' That would mean, never. I would never go to the store with you.

Katie: Well that is a mean thing to say.

Me: Yes. It can be a mean thing to say. But how about..."Will you ever leave me?"
Not in a million years means, I will never leave you!
Isn't that nice?

Katie: (happy sounding) Ahhh.

Me: So it can be a nice thing to say and a mean thing to say....It just depends on how you say it!

Katie has a case of the Amelia Bedelia's!

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