Saturday, September 18, 2004

Musical theater I've seen and loved.

My list is short. My experiences are few.
My enthusiasm is great.

5. Oliver
4. Camelot
3. Oklahoma
2. Fiddler on the Roof
1. Into the Woods

Into the Woods is probably the least well known of the musicals I've listed.
But it is my all time favorite!

Here is a great page to tell you all about it.

Funny lines from Into the Woods;

Cinderella : Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.

Cinderella's Prince : I was raised to be charming. Not sincere.

There is a moral to this fairy tale. Actions have consequences!
A musical with a message. A funny, clever, touching musical with a message.

Rent it!

(I know my list is ever so dated...but I live in Wisconsin, you see...)

Soccer Season

Emma plays soccer with the Madison Area Homeshcool soccer team. She has been playing soccer since she was three. She loves it! I can not imagine a nicer group of kids! This team is a real blessing.

It is a lot of work to have your children involved in team sports...but sometimes it all comes together in a wonderful way, and this is one of those times.

Physical Activity + Friendship + Competition + Fun = Wonderful

Oh, and by the way... they are winning too!

Thank you for your comments.
They are the highlight to my bloggy day.

Encourage one another,

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