Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Our dear Elisabeth

From the comment box,

"A beautiful quote by Ms. Elliott. Do you have a favorite book written by her?

I have two favorites. Keep a Quite Heart and Gateway to Joy; Reflections that Draw Us Nearer to God.
Keep a Quiet Heart is a book of short essays. My copy is on loan right now and the young woman who is reading it just loves it too!

Gateway to Joy is a collection of Elisabeth's favorite writings, and poems and hymns. This pretty little book is filled with wonderful wisdom, truth and beauty.

I started listening to Elisabeth about twelve years ago on the radio. Her no- nonsense, scriptural advise helped me grow obedience to the word of God, love of my husband, and acceptance of my circumstances. Her desire, always to line up her opinions with the 'straight-edge' of scripture is what kept me listening.

She also wrote a newsletter for many years.
Here is the link to the newsletters

Did you see it? I didn't...pesky pine trees!
The best view I ever had of the harvest moon was driving east along a county road in southern Wisconsin.
The moon was a dark yellow and was massive as it rose... I was awe-struck by the sight. I think I will start that '100 things to do list' that my sister recommended.
1. Watch the harvest moon rise, once again.

Encourage one another,

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