Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I have been knitting a long time. Since I was a little girl.
I do not know how old I was when my grandma Hansen taught me to knit. She would come and stay with our family every year while our parents would take a vacation. I know she would bring her knitting along, so that is probably when I plopped myself down and asked her to teach me.

She came to the States from Denmark as a teen. Since she learned to knit in Danish (read the patterns) she told me she never figured out how to read a pattern in English. So all she made was swatches.

When I went away to college I met a girl who was a knitter. She taught me to read a pattern.
I made a lot of scarves and mittens :o)

Mittens are still my favorite thing to knit.

I know one woman (Laura in Korea...no longer in Korea) who taught herself to knit using a book. But I can not recommend one.

*Please leave the names of great how-to knit books in the comments if you have used and learned from one.

I recommend taking a class at a local yarn shop or asking a friend to teach you.
If you are isolated ( on a farm in New Zealand :o) there is a website that has little videos to show you 'how-to'.

Here is a link to the Video of learning to knit.

Bonnie Marie wrote a great article to encourage you to join or start a knitting group.

Sister Sue teaches knitting at the school where she works. People love it and flock to her class. They knit squares which are made into blankets. These are given to charity. *Sue...if you read this, send us the address of the charity you knit for, thanks *

The nice thing about knitting is...all you need are needles ( Sevens are a nice starter size) a ball of yarn and the desire to learn.

It feels awkward at first and you may feel 'all thumbs' but with learning just one stitch....the knit...you can make many things.

Those 'eyelash' scarves which are all the rage are mostly knit with big needles and fancy yarn. Not hard at all. So...if you learn your 'knit' stitch this fall...you can be making scarves all winter :o)

So get knitting.

Crissy...this one's for you :o)

Encourage one another,

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