Thursday, September 23, 2004

Match Game

I am getting the hang of this sock pattern. Hooray.
Little socks are quick off the needles. I have another pair going already...wait til you see the yarn. I think it is my favorite so far.

By the way, I do not change the colors as I knit...the yarn changes colors and all I have to do it keep knitting. It is a great invention.

Joyful in drudgery

Speaking of invention, I finished the book Better Off yesterday.
The most interesting thing to me is how one can live on so much less without the use of technology. Just think, Eric Brende and his family of five can live (in St. Louis) on an income from rickshaw driving and soap making.

This is because their expenses are so low; No car payment, not car insurance, no phone bills, no heating bills, no cable, internet or satellite dish.

Mary(the author's wife) even does the wash with a hand crank wash machine.

I wish Mary would write a book too. I'd love to hear her perspective and struggles and joys!

What do you think they do about medical and dental? The author did not mention this. I do know that the children were born at home with a midwife.

I'm still fascinated by the whole idea...yes indeedy.

I only wish they had taken pictures :o)

What was he thinking?
I suppose a camera is technology...but so is a printing press.

Ah well...I can always use my imagination.

"Soap and rub, sing and scrub,
Sing at the washing-tub,
Joyful in drudgery, queen of your toil!"
(Walkley, 1978:66-67)

Queen of my toil,

At least I am the Queen of something :o)

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