Thursday, September 02, 2004


We rest from the day to day rigors of homeschool during the summer.
It is good for us. Once rested I can tackle academia much harder. So can Emma.

Katie has continued to learn in a very natural way everyday this summer. While it is not formal school she learned to write her letters on the sidewalk and on her leg. She traced in workbooks and practiced forming her numbers. Everyday is filled with discussions with her about ideas and concepts (i.e. time and God).

This morning I drove Emma to her cousin's house to babysit. On the way home, Katie and I discussed how important it is to be careful what we watch on television and to mind the words we say. I told her Jesus is always listening to us. I sang the Fruit of the Spirit song to her...she remarked how much she likes peaches and will buy them when she sees them at the store. :o) But at Katie's age, the teaching is an 'along the way' sort of teaching. I find the narrative way of teaching quite natural...since I like to talk. Katie likes to talk too.

Now that our summer rest is almost over I am excited to dive back into the planning and books and gymnastics and geometry. Emma has some big, new things coming up this year; an online English class and a local Chemistry class.

Katie will be learning many poems, psalms and stories this year.

Here is the poem she learned yesterday, with delight.

I'd like to be a lighthouse

I'd like to be a lighthouse
All scrubbed and painted white.
I'd like to be a lighthouse
And stay awake all night.
To keep my eye on everything
That sails my patch of sea;
I'd like to be a lighthouse
With the ships all watching me.

-Rachel Field

I will be learning to listen well, among many other things (probably things I can not even fathom on this bright, sunny, September, morning)

But learn, I will...I am rested, you see :o)

Encourage one another,

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